Faces Pencil Eyeliners - Review

What it claims: Soft gentle pencils in a rainbow of shades. Use them to enhance your natural eye color for dramatic effect or give you that bright-eyed glow. Gentle and safe for sensitive eyes.

Price: Rs. 250 for a pencil (Beauty & More at Khar give 15% off on MRP, I got these from Pantaloon’s sale at 20% off)

Shades available (These are what I have seen; I don’t know if there are more)

1. Solid Black – plain black
2. Sparkly Black – black with silver shimmer
3. Solid Brown – simple brown
4. Metallic Brown – coffee brown
5. Forest Green – jade jewel green
6. Deep Green – dull dark green
7. Grey – matt grey (for a change, this is actually grey like grey should be and not silver toned. Most brands sell silver toned eyeliners under grey)
8. Purple – matt purple
9. Turquoise – deep blue green shade
10. Electric Blue – a bright blue shade


1. Very soft, - these are the most soft & creamy pencils I have tried till date. They are so soft it feel like I am using a cream.

Top: Turquoise Blue, Below: Metallic Brown

2. Long last, smudge proof – they stay & don’t budge. I have had these on for 18 hours straight during my cousin’s wedding & they just stay put

3. Priced very well

4. Didn’t irritate my eyes – even when applied to the lower lash & water line

5. It takes a few seconds to set – so if you are looking for a smudgy look – that is doable too. Just blend quickly after applying.


1. It tends to melt & smudge a bit if you are in the sun for some time (like 1-2 hours).

2. Because it is so creamy, it does tend to get over a little fast.

Will I repurchase: Yes! I initially got Metallic Brown & Turquoise for trial – they impressed me so much that I have gone back & got Grey as well. I really love these liners, so much so, that they are all that I have been using ever since I got them & disregarding my earlier eyeliners.

PS: Those of you wondering how these compare to Colorbar – IMHO, these are far more superior – they are softer & creamier, and much easier to sharpen as well. Plus they have a wider range of colors.  

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  1. You have completely tempted me to go buy these ones...how do they compare with lakme nine to five liners?

  2. Looking for a good eye pencil-- but do you recommend these over liquid liners?

  3. very pretty and reasonable in price...both shades are beautiful.

  4. swatches look pretty! too bad they smudged a bit :X

  5. ohh these look amazing Tanz..i have the liquid eyeliner in this in brown..i love it..:)

  6. better dan colorbar too...des r a steal at dis price..n d turquoise blue is super pretty..me getting it !! :)

  7. both the shades look so tempting, would try them for sure

  8. The turquoise is awesome, love it. I never tried these but will definitely try out since you say these are better compared to colorbar. Thanks dear :)

  9. Ive been using the blush and lip gloss from Faces. Now I'm so getting these. Great review Tanveer! BTW, I'm moving back to Mumbai tomorrow. hope to run into you one day:P

  10. i am just so tempted to buy this and Bourjois Regard Effet Duochrome Eyeliner Pencil after reading ur reviews.

  11. Better than Colorbar!!... i need to check this one out!! I like that you are doing swatches so frequently.. keep up the good work!

  12. hey Tanveer, could you please compare this with Colorbar I-glide pencil? ( Apart from the price that i.e. ):P?

  13. OH! I missed the last part. I'll try these the next time

  14. I dont think I shud miss these...will pick up one for sure :) but y dont I see Faces cosmetics at Pantaloons :( I can see the stands which have faces accessories like sponge etc but cant seem to spot cosmetics :(

  15. I have these in metallic Brown, Green and purple. I love love love(raised to infinity :D ) the green one .It is such a pretty shade..much prettier and deeper than the Revlon colorstay green.. i dont rem if it is the forest green or the other one.



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