How to wear Fuchsia Lips

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They are definitely this spring’s hottest trends – everyone is sporting fuchsia lips or at wants to. While they aren’t as tricky as red lips to carry off – the bright pink does present an issue by themselves, as it is a strong lip statement.
Wear fuchsia lips with
1.      Black, white, cream (ivory), dark navy blue clothes.
2.      Simple black, dark blue or brown eyeliner. I tend to not use any eyeshadows when doing a fuchsia lip. Just mascara & thin eyeliner on upper lash line.
3.      Let your skin be matt – I tend to avoid shimmery highlighters with such a bright lip.
4.      If it feels too bright & scary – layer clear gloss on top to tone it down.  If the lipstick is too cool toned, try topping it with a gloss that has some gold shimmer.
5.      During the day you can pair this with a summery outfit (white kurta or a summery dress) & during the night pair it with a black outfit (sari, kurta or top)
6.      A lip liner - Dark shades generally need a lip liner to make them appear structured, use a lip brush as well.
7.      Use a neutral blush. I tend to skip blush entirely – but if you need to – use a very neutral one. No shimmer.
8.      Make sure your accessories (earring, pendants) are not too big to distract attention.
Avoid fuchsia lips with
1.      Heavy eyemakeup or heavy blush.
2.      Clothes that are in shades of pink (too much going on), bright orange, bright green, purple… Basically don’t pair it with clothes that are very bright themselves or outfits that have more than 2 colors going on.
3.      Colored eyeliners like purple & all.
4.      Chunky jewellery around the face area.
Some brands to try
·         Revlon Colorburst Fuchsia (the best IMO – a warm fuchsia that goes well with Indian skintones)
·         MAC Gulabo (Limited Edition) or Girl about town
·         Bourjois Sweet Kiss in Fuchsia Class
·         Maybelline Colorsensational - Fuchsia Fever
·         L’Oreal Color Riche  -  Intense Fuchsia
·         Colorbar Matt Velvet lipstick in Smokey Rose
·         MUFE #203 lipstick
·         NYX lipstick in chole

So have you tried this trend? what's your favourite fuchsia lipstick?


  1. hey those are some great tips. I too have some fucsia lippies, but i always stay away from them. but now, i think i will give em a shot :)

  2. Awesome! Thanks for the tips and the product reco. Wish you had put up a pic or two. :-)

  3. i just got the bourjois one ..i tone it down with a lip gloss and enjoy it with simple brown makeup :)

    great tips as usual:)

  4. have never ever worn this colour on my face! i like ur suggestions though....

  5. That was a good post Tanveer...And yeah with teh trend of Fuschia lips going around in beauty circles these days..the post is super helpful..

    And thank you for the Fuschia reccos also..

  6. nice m a lil scared of dark colors :(
    revlon colorburst fuchsia is very pretty..looks amazing on rima..

  7. Awesome tips! I'm looking forward to more color wearing tips :)

  8. brights are very in for spring and bright lips is such an easy way to achieve that trend without spending a lot of money! great post!

  9. T, its MAC Gulabi not Gulabo :P fix that typo.
    Yes, I have tried this trend and I used MAC Gulabi :P Its so beautiful :)

  10. Tanveer, which one out of bourjois sweet kiss fuschia and maybelling color sensation fuschia would u suggest???
    Btw, this post totally inspired me to go get a uschia lip stick

  11. Very nice tips T. You know I love fuchsia aka hot pink lips =D. My favs are Revlon Colorburst Fuchsia & IN2IT Pink Alarm


  12. nice post, but i just dont have the courage to wear such bright colors, i just cant carry them off well

  13. Nice post and great reccos :)I am more comfortable wearing bright lip glosses than lipsticks :)

  14. Lovely Post Tanveer!!!

  15. Though I love this color it doesn't suit me at all :(

  16. I am so tempted to try fuchsia lips after reading your post! Thanks fr the tips.

  17. I have Mac Gulabi, but always hesitate to wear it. very lovely and useful tips. now I'll try to follow these tips for this shade.

  18. It looks gorgeous on Beyonce but I'd only look like a clown.Still will pass on these tips.

  19. Read this today, coz i bought fuschia lippi- colorbar fuschia just yesterday...really good tips there


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