Neutrogena Deep Clean Gentle Scrub – Review

What it claims:
• A facial scrub with Beta Hydroxy Acid, gentle enough for everyday use

What the Product Does:
• Provides thorough deep pore cleansing yet is gentle on the skin
• Beta Hydroxy Acid cleans deep into pores to remove dirt, oil and make-up residue
• Non-abrasive microbeads gently exfoliate dead skin cells and improve skin tone and texture
• Oil-free, non-comedogenic

How and When To Use It:
Daily, or as needed massage scrub onto moistened skin and rinse. Pat dry. For normal to oily skin types.

50 ml tube with flip cap 95 Rs.
125 ml tube with flip cap 210 Rs.

1.      The granules in this scrub are, as claimed, very gentle & non abrasive, quite unlike the rougher walnut or apricot granules in most scrubs. The granules are well rounded, soft and the scrub has a lot of them in high concentration – for effective exfoliation.

2.      Gentle enough for daily use, this makes a good facewash substitute. It lathers like a facewash.

3.      The packaging is sturdy. I carried this in my handbag all the way to Punjab & back – it stayed shut tight. Besides the tube opening itself is sealed with a metallic foil when you purchase it – it has to be punctured open like those medical cream tubes.

4.      It has a strong citrusy – orange fragrance to it which I quite like.


1.      I do need to use a moisturizer within 30 minutes of using this. It doesn’t dry out my skin as such, but if I don’t use a moisturizer within 30 minutes of using this my skin starts to feel a little taut. Not sure if it is because of the product though, coz most scrubs make my skin feel like that – taut within half an hour of use.

Will I repurchase: Yes, I got this on Rima’s recommendation (she mentioned this in my last Neutrogena face wash review) – I really like this product and use it almost every evening to remove the day’s grime. It is extremely gentle on the skin.

Have you used this?


  1. i have this and use it every day !

  2. Hi tanveer! question - you think one can use this with TBS facial buffer?

  3. This looks like a good scrub - but I wouldn't recommend scrubbing your face everyday though. Alternate days is much better.

    @afterglow: The facial buffer is not very gentle so I think it would be better to use a normal cleanser with that buffer to get an "exfoliating" effect. The buffer + the granules in this scrub might be too harsh on the skin.

  4. Great review Tanveer! Haven't used this as yet coz hadn't had a great experience with the facial cleanser. Now a days I'm using Lotus scrub but will give it a try:)

  5. Normally I don't use scrubs because they revolt on it. But I would try this one

  6. I've tried using this during summer and it works great! However, during the winter it dried me out big time. A great pick for oily skinned ppl :)

  7. that looks like a great scrub. haven't tried it, but would love to give it a try as soon as I finish up my current stock!

  8. I used this and I loved it ...then I used the nivea visage one and I loved that ad shud try it yll like it

  9. I used this face wash for a very long time, it was pretty good, though it made my skin a bit dry. So your review is spot-on. :-)

  10. seems to be a good buy, will pick it up soon once m done with my age old stock :)


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