Auravedic Exfoliating Foot Oil - Mountain Spice - Review

What it claims: This foot treatment is extra-rich emollient oil, super charged with botanical extracts which smoothes cracked, dry heels. With pure extracts of Asparagus and Aloe Vera which heal and soften rough calluses and cracks.

Price: Rs. 250 for 100 ml bottle.

Where: Phoenix Mills, opposite the Lush store.

In Mumbai  Auravedic is available at 
  • Phoenix Mills, Lower Parel, 
  • Dhoop, Khar, 
  • Tresorie, Santa Cruz, and 
  • Culture Shop, Powai.

The brand also retails in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune and Goa.


     1.      Being an oil – this product really helps to heal cracked, dry heels from within. It moisturizes and heals from within so after the first few days – it need not be applied daily. Once every 2-3 days is good enough to maintain feet skin.

     2.      It absorbs pretty quickly for an oil & doesn’t stain sheets (I generally apply this just before going to bed). It is light & non-greasy
     3.      Completely natural product – with the exception of preservatives – this is completely natural. No added fragrances or propylene gycols here.
     4.      Fully listed ingredient listing – unlike a lot of herbal lines that conceal ingredients by mentioning only the key ones or some unknown base – this product has the full product listing with %s

     5. Just a few drops are needed - like 2-3 drops for each foot. 

     1.   This is oil – so even though it absorbs fast – it takes a minute for it to sink in.
     2. Smells like an ayurvedic product – don’t get me wrong it doesn’t smell bad – but it also doesn’t have any fragrances added to it – so don’t expect it to smell floral & all. It smells a little woodsy & spicy. Initially I hated it, have gotten used to it now. 

Will I repurchase: Yes. It does really work fast on dry feet skin without being greasy or heavy. Plus the healing is from within – not temporary. After a long time, I have used something on my feet that seems to really moisturize & soften them from within. I like the fact that my feet didn't become dependent on it - after a week of daily usage I am now using this just once in 2-3 days & my feet haven't gotten any worse. 

Product sent by Company / PR for consideration – but that has not affected my opinion of this product in any way. 
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  1. nice review,, whr can i find it??

  2. great review :) looks like a nice product :)

  3. dis sounds real nice n interesting..!!

  4. does seem interesting but product availability might be an issue....

  5. This sounds like a great product. Do you know where I can find it? never seen it in any store..

  6. Wow. This looks like a miracle product. Would try it out if I ever come across it

  7. Sounds like a good product. Wonder if I can find it in Chennai!

  8. The name 'Mountain Spice' is nice. I love using oil on my feet...I find it's more effective than creams & lotions. Great review T


  9. i gotta gift this to my dad, thanks Tanveer

  10. Hey!

    Good to see you back to regular posting though I have been MIA myself....this sound good...have seen and heard about this, but dont think I need a foot oil as of now, but for when I need it, sounds good!

    Anamika K

  11. How effective is this for really really badly cracked feet? How long before you see the effects?

  12. Tanveer, great u have any idea if it would be available in Delhi..

  13. will this be comfortable to be use in summers Tanz?

  14. I have updated the post above with locations where it can be bought. The brand also retails in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune and Goa.

    @Sara H: It is :)

    @Bhumika: :)

    @Swati - I have updated the post with locations where it is available. Hope that helps.

    @m.273: I have listed the stores in Mumbai :)

    @Nivedita: It is a nice prdt :)

    @CS: I don't think this retails in Chennai yet..

    @CZ: I generally don't use oils on my feet for the fear of slipping coz of greasiness, but they more effective than creams :)

    @Retnu: I hope he likes it

    @Ana K: Yea, it is a good buy for winters

    @Speaking Chic: My feet got softer & better within just 3-4 days of daily use. But I don't have like really bad cracked feet - mines suffer more from dryness.

    @Prachi: No babes, this is yet to be launched in Delhi :(

  15. @Anamika: I think it should be ok - the oil itself is not thick - it is kind of similar to FE Sesame oil in consistency - so I guess it should be ok.. :)

  16. I love holistic/natural beauty products lately, so I'd definitely want to give this a try. I hope to visit Mumbai soon :) The last time I was there was when I was 3-4...almost 20 years ago :O

  17. All Auravedic products are available online


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