Fair & Lovely – Multivitamin cream for acne?

This was a tip given to me a week ago by a friend. She suggested applying a dab of Fair & Lovely Multi Vitamin cream over my acne/pimples & leaving it overnight. Apparently it helps dry up & speed up the healing of the pimple, reduces the redness & also prevents scarring. Sounds like too good to be true , right?
So last weekend, I picked up the tiny trial pack for this cream (the one that costs some 10-15 bucks) & tried it out.
Well girls, it did work just as my friend claimed, for me.
Overnight it managed to dry up -  almost flatten 2 huge pimple & reduce it’s redness. On budding acne, it prevented them from flaring up into volcanoes; they stayed small & dried up quickly.
I cannot say about the anti-scarring effect – as the pimples are not completely healed, I suspect it will not be able to do much about scarring overnight. It might help if applied consistently & for longer.
Also, as per my friend – only this variant of Fair & Lovely, the multivitamin one, seems to be effective.
I honestly don’t know if the tip will work just as well for you, obviously this is a try-at-your-own-risk proposition. Clindamycin A gel is known to work wonders for some people, on me, it just makes my acne worse (go figure – it is recommended by almost all derms for acne, but it just won’t work for me)
I think the reason why F&L works so well, is probably
1.      Coz of all the vitamins (it has vit b, c & e) – maybe they help reduce inflammation in some way
2.      The texture of the cream itself seems little drying – it seems absorbent & matt when applied
Have you tried this for your acne? Have you heard of any such weird but effective tips for skincare?


  1. Nice review Tanveer. Great that it worked:)

  2. oh tht's great... i dnt have pimples or acne but sometimes one or two shows up... will try next time...
    thnx !!

  3. I read this in some comment section i guess...have never tried it..
    i have tried the colgate tip and it works but takes 2-3 days now on my skin.

  4. for me, lactocalamine works best...

  5. I love F&L multivitamins cream. It is so matte that I hardly had any pimples when I used it. If I didn't use foundation I'd use it regularly. Yr friend is probably right


  6. Thanks for the tip! I don't like Fair and lovely but I'll def try it for the occasional pimple. I put a little himalya neem face pack on my pimples overnight...doesn't work always though...

  7. Thats indeed a nice tip..Well I am going thru a similar phase ...i stopped certain medications and within two weeks my acne came back and I get these really big red angry ones...i usually put Biotique Myristica overnight and it kinda helps reduce the redness though not overnite all the time..shall try F&L.

  8. dis sounds nice..will try it..

  9. If the F&L people read this, I'm sure they will be amused. LOL.

    IMHO I think you should give this more time, as sometimes it could be another reason for the pimple diminishing. My two cents.

    Also wondering, how to deal with deep acne scars? I have a few since many many years and I *hate* them. :-(

  10. Hmmm..this is the firsttime i am hearing such a tip..but I have heard of toothpaste though..for acne

  11. I use Himalaya Hand sanitizer lemon and Neem one, on my acne. It instantly dries up everytime.

  12. my face is having pimples how to reduce that... im using F & L only... but its not working on my face
    then is there any ways for remove pimples... pls give a very good suggestion for me.....


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