Lakme Fantasy Collection 2011 - First Look

FANTASY Collection by Lakmé comprises of:

ENRICH SATIN LIP COLOR – Richly pigmented lip color that feels like a drape of luxurious satin. Sunscreen, vitamins and olive extracts leave you with the softest, smoothest lips ever! Indulge in shades of Floral pinks & shimmering peaches
Available in 8 new shades
Price: Rs. 225/- 
TRUE WEAR NAIL COLOR- The micro-infused glitter particles adds a touch of sparkle to your nails making them look absolutely gorgeous!
Available in 6 new shades
Price: Rs. 90/-

GOLD DUST SHIMMER BRONZER - A palette of three complementing sheer shades that blend well to flatter any skin tone with a shimmering radiant golden bronze glow. Super easy to apply, the silky smooth highly pigmented formula allows for effortless, uniform application, to create endless options for defining, highlighting and accentuating features.
Price: Rs.450/-

ALL OVER SHIMMER BODY GLOSS- For a soft yet glossy, rainbow like Technicolor shine that can be used on  arms, legs, shoulder or cheeks
Available in one shade
Price: Rs.325/-

CHEEK ARTIST- A blush that can be applied directly on to bare skin or layered over a foundation for a very natural look. It’s the easiest and most natural way to blush.
Available in 2 shades
Price: Rs.395/-
EYE COLOR QUARTET - Versatile quartets of vivid, high intensity powders put together to color, shape and highlight your eyes.  Discover a new amalgamation of shades in Botanica
Price: Rs. 425/-

SHADOW ARTIST SHIMMER STICK - Creamy chubby pencils with glitter that can be used as liner or eye shadow
Available in 4 shades
Price: Rs. 350/-

FAIRY DUST EYE SHADOW - Loose powder eye shadow with multi shimmer and sparkle.  Soft smooth powdery texture with fabulous color delivery
Available in 3 shades
Price: Rs.525/- 
FANTASY SHIMMER LINER- Gel based eyeliner containing micro fine glitter particles – non smudging this rich liner completes your look. Vivid colors like blue, green pink and even a transparent that can be used as a top coat.
Available in 8 shades
Price: Rs.275/-

I'm actually both surprised & embarrassed to say this, but I LOVE this collection - at least what I see of it. I'm loving the chubby cheek artists, and the shimmer shadow stick, and this shimmer liner above (I'm a crazed fanatic when it comes to shimmer in eyemake up - I love it). 

I'm also looking forward to the nice pink & peach shades they have promised in enrich lippies. I quite like their color selection in lakme lip love.. I hope Lakme lives up to how awesome this collection is looking.. I'm really, really gonna look out for this :)

Do you like anything from this?


  1. I love the blush sticks and the liner ..excited for that..but i have a feeling it might be a shimmer overdose in the bronzer and other things when it comes out....

  2. Hi Tanveer,

    The shadow artist shimmer stick looks interesting, i quite love these jewel toned shades..have you been able to lay your hands on these & get swatches? if yes plz do post pics

  3. Hey Tanveer ... This collections looks so bright... I would like to try cheek artist for sure :)

  4. d bronzer looks interesting...

  5. the bronzer looks amazing :) And also the blush sticks.

  6. admit..but yes..I think I am gonna try the chubby pencils as well as the shimmer liners too..

    Thanks for the intro Tanveer

  7. I love the liner and the collection looks so good am pleasantly surprised by Lakme like you said I hope they live up to it

  8. I didn't like all the colours (yet) from the liner/ eye range. But time will tell. BTW, did you go for their launch event?

  9. I am keeping my finger cross... i hope the bronzer is good :)

  10. I ♥ the nail color. It looks very nice. Hey I'm following your blog. Do follow mine.


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