Mac Capricious Luster Finish Lipstick - Review

Described as Fancyful Rose Plum by MAC, this is a lustre finish lipstick. My first MAC lippie :-)

Price: Rs. 950 (approx)

What I like: 

1. This is a shade that is very, very close to my natural lip color (yea, my lips are that pigmented!). So this pretty much goes with all kinds of eye makeup. It just amps up the natural lip color so they look more polished
In Sunlight. Top - Single swipe, Bottom - Multiple swipes

2. The finish - lustre - is moisturing & glossy - it is very sheer, but also builable.

3. Smells really nice :) Vanilla :)

4. After a while the sheen of the lipstick wears off, but it always leaves behind a tint

5. It is a permanent shade

In Shade. Top - single swipe, bottom - multiple swipes
What I don't like: 

1. It appears like a frost finish in some lights, I guess that is coz of the micro-fine gold shimmer it has. You can't see it on the lipstick - but it shows up in some lights when applied on the lips. (If you click on the swatch in sunlight image above, it magnifies & you'll see the golden shimmer)

2. The price :(

3. You may not like this, if you like your lipsticks to very pigmented. This is not, the finish is very very sheer - more than a tinted lip balm, less than a cream lipstick.

Would I repurchase: Yes, this is fuss - free goes with everything shade, good enough for daily wear, but at the same time has enough color to put some life into your look on a deary Monday morning. 


  1. Wow love the shade!! Gorgeous <3

  2. Oooh nice berry shade tanveer..would look great on u!

  3. Lovely shade! I'll check it out I am at the store next time :)

  4. I have highly pigmented lips and will definitely keep this shade in mind when I get my first MAC lippy..

  5. I want this. I am torn between plumful and this. Thanks for the review t.

  6. it is a pretty pretty colour!

  7. Whew Tanveer, seems like a great investment, if it adds cheer to the monday morning blues :)

  8. lovely shade tanveer...just did a review on verve satin lip color and now think thta would but this next looks pretty in the tube,...droolll

  9. the shade looks really nice. will look out for this

  10. hey glad u r back..n u love ur berry colors na..dis shade wud look so pretty on u..

  11. Lovely shade. Yr type nah? :)


  12. what do u suggest..will this suit me as well Tanz?

  13. I just chanced upon your blog today, and am very happy with the color of this MAC lippy, my lips are as pigmented as a plum and this can be my MLBB...uh rather dark for an MLBB i know but its a nice shade...i like!!!


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