Lakme Fantasy Gold Dust Shimmer Bronzer - Review

What it Claims: Be born again as an enchantress. This pure-pressed bronzing powder kissed with a golden shimmer blends beautifully to flatter any skin tone. Sweep it once all over your face or body and enjoy a glamorous glow that’s straight out of a fairytale.
Available as 3 shades in 1

MRP: Rs. 450/-

What I liked:
     1.  This is a wonderful shade of bronzer. I am generally not able to wear bronzers as they either look too muddy or orange on me, but this is a really pretty shade of bronzer – it is a really nice shimmery light brown that will look good on most people
     2.  It has a undertone of shimmer to it – which prevents it from falling flat, most matt bronzers tend to look flat & muddy.

     3.  It has 3 shades, but I feel it looks best when all 3 are used together.

What I didn’t like

     1.  The big chunks of shimmer on top of the bronzer – they have been added apparently as garnish on top & a light sweep with a fluffy brush dusts them off – but also spoils the design on top.

     2.  It lasts for 2-3 hours on my face & slowly the color disappears leaving behind the shimmer

In Shade
Overall: Get this if you, like me, have a hard time finding bronzers that you can carry off. The price is right for the amount, & it does really look nice at night – gives the skin a wonderful glow. 

Product sent by Company / PR for consideration, this is a honest recount of my experience with the product. 
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  1. the colors looks really great, but I will pass it coz of the shimmer overload!

  2. hey tanveer do u use it only on ur t zone or also as a blush??

  3. @imw: I understand, the shimmer can be too much for some people :)

    @Shivani: Errr.. I don't understand what you mean by using a bronzer on the T-zone?? From what I know, one never uses a bronzer on the T zone, it is to be used the same way one uses a blusher.. The only thing I use on my T zone is loose powder to stop oiliness, using something this shimmery would just make me look more oily on the T zone :P

  4. I think it is better suited as a blush/all over glow powder than as a bronzer. I like my bronzers to be matte, because I mainly use them for contouring. But it will make a nice shimmery blush, for sure.

  5. I liked it..infact as it has three shade the darkest shade suits me the i use it as highlighter..

    reading yur review after a gap Tanz.Guess u r really busy nowadays :(

  6. Its so beautiful. I have never been to comfortable with bronzers. but I do use them for highlighting purpose

  7. @Tanveer-- Like you, I found the shimmer a bit too much. Would have liked more pigment.

  8. I was planning to give it a try... but reading various reviews have made me think, esp the overload of shimmer....
    Tanveer, which bronzer will you recommend?

  9. ohhh the mua at mac palladium had shown me a mac bronzer and she told me u can use it as a blush or over your t zone for a sun kissed look....I dont own any was asking...

  10. and the bronzer she showed me was very matte..not shimmery at i am confused.....will need to check on this again....:(

  11. I didnt really like this. Even after removing the shimmer i found it so shimmery.. Its such a shame because the actual colors are absolutely gorgeous...

  12. Hi Tanz,

    long time no updates?

  13. lots of i'll pass it.
    hey I just gave you an award..check it out!!

  14. Hi Tanveer. I have described you and passed on an award to you. Please check back when you can for sure

  15. I do not own any bronzer. This would be my first one :)


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