Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream #2 Steel - Review

What it Claims: The Aqua Cream is an ultra-pigmented, long-lasting waterproof cream. Highly concentrated in mother-of-pearl pigments, it provides immediate color intensity with a luminous finish. 
Its long-lasting formula will not crease or smudge under the most extreme conditions.
  •       Volatil oil 
  •      Filmogen polymer 
  •         Synthetic Ester 
  •          High concentration of mother-of-pearls and pigments 
  •          Kaolin mineral powder 
  •          Paraben free
  •          Dermatologist and ophtalmologist tested

How to: Apply the Aqua Cream using the fingertips or any type of brush. (I use the mineral eyeshadow brush from The Body Shop)

To increase the quality of your eye make up and prevent the color from drying out, apply the Aqua Cream on one eyelid at a time.

Price: Rs. 1250/- for a 6 gm tub

I have the shade #2 – Steel (the same one Britney Spears uses in her new video – Hold it  against me – though I got this very long ago. When the store had just opened. Btw, it is just me or do you also feel she looks very lost in the video??)

What I liked:
In sunlight

  1.              I have the Shade #2 – steel. It is a very nice metallic, silverfish, steely grey – it is perfect for smokey eyes (without the harshness of black) & thanks to the neutral shade of grey – it can be paired beautifully with shades like purple, green, blue; whatever catches your fancy.
  2.        I bought this quite a few months ago (I think MUFE had just opened then). It hasn’t dried out yet
  3.        I love the cream texture – you can sheer it out for a day look,  layer & pack it on intensely  for a night look. It is very soft & blendable.
  4.        The lasting power – it just goes on & on like a Duracell battery. It is perfect to wear to weddings esp. during summers & rainy season.
  5.        It also works well applied to the lower lash line (not waterline – I don’t put it there).
  6.        Paraben free

What I don’t like
In shade
  1.       The price. It is prohibitive & I love this product so much & want to stock up on more colors, but it is so expensive L

Would I re-purchase: Another shade? Yes, I want to but I always end up not purchasing because of the price *ouch* factor.
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  1. Very pretty Shade!! Nice review!!! :)

  2. The shade is so pretty. How would this fare against Mac Paintpots? Any clue?

  3. I have been lusting for it's taupe shade for quite some time, but steel also look fab...

  4. The colour looks fantastic but yeah really pricey!!!

  5. it is such a lovely shade Tanz :D :D and i could imagine your beautiful eyes with this smokey shade looking even more desirable :D :D

  6. Oh Wow!Gorgeous shade! This sure is a very different grey :) Love it.

  7. Really gorg. I want it now..its all your fault :P

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  9. i so want to see u with this

  10. This is a really great shade!!! It reminded me that I also had a grey eye color which I lost somewhere! :(

  11. O this looks nice, I am lusting after their onion pink with gold shimmer in it. Its a lovely pink gold, and I am so dying to get it. But the price is keeping me away. Have decided to get Nyx instead, and then once I master the eyeshadow art , move on the expensive ones.

  12. very pretty shade, but yes u r right its quite pricey

  13. pwettty..looks like a metallic grey...i can imagine so many celebrity wearing it Tanz...lucky you :) it must be a master piece in yur collection:)

  14. You looks really very pretty .. expensive though, but some times being indulgent is what we all deserve.
    Good to be here on your blog , happy to follow you !!

  15. lovely color...but then price ????/...INGLOT has somethng similar na ?

  16. really gorgeous!!! but super pricey :(

  17. Looking great!! Thanks for the review <3

  18. It looks awesome.I wanted it ever since Britney's video ;p


  19. You might try Glacier Grey cream eye color from Mary Kay. It also dries to a waterproof finish and is pearlescent but is only $13. Seems to last about the same amount of time.

    I just happened along your post after googling how to keep cream eye color from drying out. Got any tips besides doing one eyelid at a time? I know the shelf life listed on mine is only 6 months, but it would be nice if there was some way to stretch it out a bit longer by adding something to it...


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