Max Factor Xperience Volumising Mascara - Review

What it claims: For up to 3 x* the volume and a lightweight feel try Xperience Volumising Mascara and let your lashes flutter. This advanced mousse effect mascara lifts lashes giving them a light but gorgeous hit of drama. Your lashes look fuller, thicker and more lifted* without the heavy or stiff feel some traditional mascaras can often leave behind.
*v/s bare lashes

Price: Rs. 460/-

Shades available: Black, Brown – Black & Dark Blue. I’m reviewing Brown – Black.

What I like:
      1. The color – a deep shade of brown – it is dark enough to define, without looking over dramatic. I have been looking for nice brown mascara since some time & this fits the bill.
      2. It does provide some volumising & lengthening, not too much though, but good enough for office

      3. The formula itself is very creamy & dries quickly. It doesn’t flake at all, once dry.
      4. Multiple coats without clumping (but only if you apply them while the earlier coat is still wet)

      5. The brush has short, dense rubber bristles – very easy to deposit mascara to the roots with this. 

      6. Doesn’t make my lashes feel heavy or crunchy (you know how some mascaras give you stiff, hard lashes – this one doesn’t)

What I don’t like:

      1. This is not water-proof at all. Runs at the first splash of water.

      2. Not smudge proof either (if you like me, are in the habit of rubbing your eyes – this is not good)

     3. The short bristles make it difficult to coat my outer longer lashes entirely.

Would I re-purchase: I’m confused. I really like this mascara, it is the perfect shade. It volumises & lengthens (I hate choosing between the two – I like my mascara’s to do both), & does it without clumping. I just don’t like the fact that it ain’t waterproof. I don’t think I’ll be able to use this during monsoons. 
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  1. Living in mumbai i can imagine how important waterproof mascara is ! I was caught off guard last yr..was in mumbai for about 8-10 months for work...and the rain had me crying black tears..eeks..

  2. I actually really like this mascara and haven't really had any issues with it (mind you, I never paid attention to the waterproof part) which is getting me to think I should test it out.

    I love that the formulas is light weight and not clumpy.

    This is definitely one of my faves! Great review! x

  3. sounds good and pretty reasonably priced...worth a try....

  4. thanks for the review.i was thinking of buying this one,you saved me!!But the wand looks awesome.

    --your new follower :)

  5. Great review T. Ya too bad most of the mascaras aren't waterproof


  6. I'm actually better off with mascara's that are'nt waterproof cause I apply a really teeny amount and plus waterproof mascara's are a big pain to remove later.So for the sake of my poor lashes I avoid them.I saw these in store but since I'm more than satisfied with the colossal mascara I never ventured there.But might buy the brown one.

  7. nice review.i dont mind it not being waterproof, but not smudge proof.........then its not for me!

  8. hey tanveer have a surprise for you on my blog.....please visit

  9. Reading you blog after long Tanz, was busy for a while. I have been dieing to get the blue one from this range..i hearD it is great for party looks :)

  10. Only while reading this post it clicks me that I have not tried any colors in mascara other than black. To start with I shall try a brown one :)


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