Milia, anyone?

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Late night post, but a slight emergency one.

Some of you may know how have been complaining of acne since a few months. Well, some of that "acne" has been on my face for close to 2 months now. I got those pretty soon after using some organic, virgin coconut oil that I guess was too heavy. Most of my actual acne since then has cleared up, except for these tiny, white bumps all over my chin.

Turns out I've had milia all along! I went to the GP today, & he says I have milia & need to go visit a derm for a peel to get them removed. He has recommended a pretty famous derm to me, but I am a little freaked at the thought that she might need to use needles to extract these (*Ouch!!*).

Yea, you see that image, I have the exact same tiny bumps all over my chin, some over my left eyelid, & some on my right cheek, though they are quite lesser compared to that pic :)

I have been doing a bit of research since then & have figured what caused my milia in the first place.

Heavy cream (I used coconut oil for 2 nights in a row as night cream, after the 3rd night - I began to notice that overnight all these bumps had sprung up on my face) + lack of exfoliation (I had misplaced my TBS Facial buffer for 2 weeks prior to me using the coconut oil) = milia (pocket of dead cells aka keratin deposit).

I have still not gotten around the thought of going to a derm for, ehhh, a peel or whatever else. I looked up online & found that using either an asprin mask or tretinion seems to work well. It takes time though. I just tried out an asprin mask sometime back, but that is a another post.

Have any of you suffered from Milia? Any suggestions??

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  1. :( I have no pointers for you T, but I hope you get over this icky phase soon :( Love!

  2. Ooohhhh...get rid of those things soon. Asprin with cleansing milk works better I believe

  3. once i suffered from milia and then dad took me to get it cauterised and i ended up with black spots :( it did go away after sometime, but now am much too careful about my skincare

  4. One of my neighbour aunt had this..n ya she did it get removed thru a needle from a dermat..hope u recover soon :)

  5. My dad had got those. The derm gave him a cream that slowley peeled off the skin and cured them. Don;t hesitate, go to a doctor. He/she might not be using needles.
    FYI A derm had suggested my dad to take them out with needles. But he did not do so. Medicine cured it all. Don't worry. Good luck to you

  6. i don't suffer from milia but i did get about two of these spots near my eyes after using blossom kochhar's almond under eye cream for a few days. it was too rich for me. i stopped using it and within a few weeks the two spots hardened further on their own and fell off/disappeared (thanks to my usual exfoliation?). i had a friend in school and her eye area was twice as bad as the picture shown above. she didn't do anything about it, though. i would advise you to visit your derma.

  7. Aww!! Get rid of these things very soon.

  8. hey tanveer,we see this a lot (and derms usually want to extract them)....and it goes away on its own many a times ......of course since we tend to deal with children we do not want any surgical procedures with them... we wait it can try those exfoliating masks like aspirin and trenitoin and see!

  9. hi tanveer, I have seen milia before and homeopathy has a good remedy for it. If you can please consult a reputed homeopath. With homeopathic medicine , the tags tend to dry and fall off.Hope this helps.Regards,Amritha.

  10. This sucks, I've never had milia, but a host of other skin issues, so I know exactly how you feel. :-(

    Some unwarranted advice: after this milia treatment, I suggest you find a good dermat/ cosmetologist you trust and do exactly as they say. It helps in the long run.

    All the best, girl!

  11. i have never had milia , but i feel ayurvedic home remedies may help, like using ambehaldi , neem , tulsi and raktachandan powders. if it is too much hassle sourcing these powders, dr. jain makes a pack for pimples called pimplor that might help. do try it out.

  12. That's too bad.Needles scare the bejesus outta me so I totally sympathize with you.But it's gotta be done na....

  13. So sorry to hear tht. :(
    Maybe u won't hav to use needles, maybe u'll get some cream or something...U shld visit the doc I told u abt fr a 2nd opinion...I hate these stupid illnesses...Y do we hav the?? :(
    Get well soon....

  14. hey Tanveer
    hope they go away soon!!
    btw I have to say a few words about the aspirin mask...I did make an aspirin mask myself and it causes a lot of pigmentation on the skin turned a shade darker immediately after the use of this mask...then I read about the concentrations...actually salicylic acid present in the aspirin mask helps in treating acne and all the related problems....thats why aspirin mask works...but the concentration of salicylic acid must be only 1-3% at max for it to work best otherwise it can cause a lot of pigmentation and it makes the skin photosensitive do check out on all those things....technically I checked out the %concetrations of ingredients in disprin (I used disprin tablets) and worked out the concentration so it came out to be 3 disprin tablets to 100ml of water...hope this helps :)
    and btw I think you should once go to a doc, ask them and see what they suggest...getting operated upon using needles or peels is in ur hands and you can decide what to do after getting an advice...yup docs are pretty adamant and all but you gotta be firm with them...

  15. I had these milia a while ago till i visited a good dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon, the fact being the milia were very old one...
    And i had them on cheeks near eyes! (on cheek bone)
    My doc suggested to get those removed, as i thought they were looking really bad!
    He applied a medicine which was kind of
    anasthesia ofcourse local (only for the portion where i had milia). He got it removed with needles which didn't pain, not even like an ant bite. It was perfectly alright!
    Then the spots looked reddish for a day or two (ofcourse needles would cause that). He gave an ointment to be applied for 3 days. Within a day the reddening was gone! My skin now looks like never before! All the milia are gone and i have a clean skin now!
    You seem to have more on eyes, which make the situation little bad coz around eye skin is really sensitive.But i guess doctors have some other methods also for milia removal!
    Get rid of them soon!

  16. I hope everything works out fine doll.

  17. Aww i cant help you cos iv never had em but get a second sure u don have to go for the peel..

  18. Never suffered from this problem .i think visiting a derma will be a better option Tanz..take care:)


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