Wella Kolestint Bloggers Meet

Natasha sharing with us how to choose hair colors
I have been wanting to share this with you all week - I finally got the time. 

Last Saturday, I was a part of Wella Kolestint's blogger meet at Bungalow 9 (Bandra) where I had the opportunity to meet & interact with Natasha Nageamwala - The Hair Expert

The meet was for Wella Kolestint’s upcoming campaign named ‘Get Noticed Now’ which talks about how women love attention & how they can easily get noticed with Wella Kolestint hair colours (Link to the FB group: https://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_162102397181456 )

The meet started with the P&G beauty video (btw, did you know that Covergirl is a P&G brand? I wonder when they will launch this drugstore beauty in India!!)

This was followed by all the bloggers introducing themselves. & guess who I met there?? Speaking Chic!! I love reading her short, pithy, and very creative posts, she is a girl with an opinion & not afraid to voice it. Do check out her blog. 

I also met some new fashion bloggers, but there weren't any other makeup bloggers there :(

We were then taken through the history of Wella. (Did you know that Wella is "waves" in German?)

Finally Natasha joined us and explained the science behind hair colors, the hair structure & how they work. She also answered our questions (& we did have a lot to ask her).. some were the regular "Will coloring make my hair turn grey (no it won't) to some very interesting ones. 

Did you ever wonder why Red hair dyes fade fast? 
It's because they have the smallest pigment size. Pigment size follows the order of VIBGYOR, Violet has the biggest pigment size, and red the smallest. As a result amongst all man made pigments, red fades the fastest. 

Natasha also shared with us the secret to choosing the perfect hair color. It depends on your tone. Yes, the very same warm & cool tones we discuss ad nauseum when buying foundations & makeup. Her advice was to go opposite, so if you are cool, opt for warm shades & vice-versa. 

If you are cool & use a cool toned shade - it will make you look pale. Warm on warm is the way to look sallow. 

She also spent time one-on-one with each of us & gave us tons of tips on hair color & hair care. 

She evaluated me to be a cool toned person with mousy brown (yea, that is a color) hair. She advised me to lighten my hair to a medium brown with golden highlights. 

I also discussed with her breakage that some girls experience after straightening their hair. She said generally two reasons would cause an increase in the hair breakage

1. If excessive hair loss occurs within a week of relaxing, it is generally because the neutralization (the 2nd cream) is unsuccessful. This could be either because the cream is ineffective (expired, not applied properly) or it was washed out too quickly. Incomplete neutralization results in excessive relaxation which causes the hair bonds to break. This is why it is very important to go to a good, reputed hair stylist. Hair relaxing is not a very expensive process when one considers the prices of the creams themselves, but here what you are essentially paying for is a service & expertise, and not a product. Sometimes what seems like a good bargain, is not good in the long run. Talk to your friends, and pay for reputation & experience of the stylist only (& not the salon, it doesn't make sense to go to a big salon & opt for a trainee or a junior stylist).

2. Post 2 weeks, hair breakage is due to lack of moisture & conditioning. Relaxed hair is very fragile, it needs regular, almost daily conditioning with serums & leave-ins. Once a week, deep condition. Take care of the ends. 

I had a great time at the meet. 

Btw, have any of you used Wella Hair Color? 


  1. Hey girl, thanks for the very flattering comment. :-) Yup, it was a very enlightening event, and enjoyed talking to you!

    Going to take your makeup advice seriously, btw!

  2. wow...that was quite informative and fun Tanveer...

  3. I could not attend coz of exams coming up..wud have met u n speaking chic :((

  4. So what hair colors would look best on dark brown haired, warm toned gals? Could you elaborate?

  5. wow, thanks for the wonderful information

  6. hey thanks for the great tips for hair care :-)

  7. ohh i wish i could attend it but the place :( and she really gave such good info ....this warm toned skin thing was is real nice tip..
    i feel like getting my hair coloured aghhhhaain ::D:D

  8. Great advice on relaxed hair. After I relax, I make sure to start adding protein, moisture, and ceramides back in immediately. My goal is to try my best to replenish the hair of what it needs as soon as possible to avoid post relaxer breakage. So far, that system has been working very well for me.

  9. Ciaooo...ho aperto da poco il mio blog..Troverete tutorial di make up e nail art, gossip, review, hair care e tanto altro...se vi va passate a trovarmi e se vi piace iscrivetevi :) http://redcarpetstylebeauty.blogspot.com/

  10. thats really informative..........have just been sent 2 shades by them.....will be doing a review soon!!

  11. i hav not used wella. but i had my hair red for two years and yes it ws very high maintenance( and would you believe it i was in school at that time.) nice post!

  12. Sounds like u had fun T. Too bad there weren't many makeup bloggers there. I do hope P&G launches Covergirl here!



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