You know you are addicted to Makeup when...

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Well, the blog's called Addicted to Blush, so I figured I'd share some tips with you so that you can also find out that you are addicted to makeup when......

#10: Every time you go to the mall, you stop by the skincare / makeup counters

#9: The staff at these counters knows you by name. 

#8: For your B'day, anniversaries & festivals, you accept only gifts of makeup / skincare; you have even researched non-traditional holidays & are known to invent occasions to weasel gifts from loved ones. 

#7. You start to exhibit crack head like behaviors when purchasing new products.
First you ask the girl in the counter "You got that new.... Then you proceed to clasp the product with both hands before swatching. You quickly put the money on the counter and run out of the store without a bag or the receipt.

#6. You are now to the point where you have to hide your purchases because at first everyone thought you were doing good things to yourself, but now everyone thinks you're crazy.

#5. You get really excited when you read a new product review, and then realize that you have the product already.

#4. You read the product review, get really excited, rush to the store, exhibit crack head like behavior (point no 7) & get the product only to realize when you get home that you already have it.  

#3. You start referring to products you love as your babies / puppies & refuse to choose the best out of them as it would be unfair to the rest. 

#2. You have back ups. "Out of stock" is bad enough, but "Discontinued" now that is an unforgivable curse.  

#1.  You spent all of your grocery money on makeup & skincare products so you reason with yourself that you and your family can consume some of them because they contain natural ingredients.

So, how addicted are you? :)
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  1. lolz..staff not only knows us my name they actually have our number too to call up whenever there is anything new :D:D
    truly enjoyed the post :D:D

  2. OMG #3 is too funnnnyyyy ahahahaha..but its so true blush babies

  3. i am at #6.I never used to buy eye shadows.But now coz of my blog, I have started purchasing them like crazy and now my family & friends think that I have lost it!!! :D

  4. OMG!! it was hillarious. Point # 7 cracked me real hard!! These all points apply to me in terms of clothes... still in a process of getting a beatu addict. :)

  5. LOL.........early in the morning I am reading this and laughing my a** off...lovely post dear

  6. Haha sadly I am beginning to show symptoms...

  7. hahaha..... that was super hilarious, esp point # 7 on crack head like behavior...

  8. Fabulous post. Matches me lolz :D

  9. I can't say I'm addicted but I ♥ makeup. It's so pretty & inspiring.
    Great article!!! :)

  10. that's hilarious :) me match only 10th point :)

  11. Omg...I show ALL of these fact, my sister has actually officially warned my friends to keep me away from make-up aisles during shopping trips.

  12. I am glad I just have 4 of the above mentioned traits ;) Not too long to agree with all 10 points ;) Btw how's Milia Tanveer? You got it treated? Feeling better now?

  13. This is sooo funny. But well, even I think I'm pretty addicted to it. But only a few staffs know me because I usually buy from specific sotres and I have been a very old customer to them. :P

  14. #2 and #6-#10 are very true for me, great fun post!

  15. lol this is such a great post,there was a time when i wud buy a lippie be super excited & come back home to realize i already had it in my stash,thankfully now i'm more discerning :)

  16. Lmao at #1 & 7 :D and I remember yr #4 incident haha. Awesome post T. I guess u know how addicted I am :D


  17. ROFL!!!!
    Amazing post!!!!!
    Am no.10 and 2....esp 2!!!
    Ur like all of these!!! :P
    excellent post!

  18. ROFL, thanks for the post, i am reading it in the morning, and a great way to start the day :)

  19. omg....tanve...i can relate so much to this...:D

  20. Awesome post..I have experieinced 4th symptom many times..


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