Aromatherapy blend for Itchy Skin

Molluscum Contagious is virally related to the chicken pox family, which means that my boils tend to itch like hell, but I can’t scratch them or else they will spread. Calamine lotion was not working, and the itching was just getting terrible. I thought I would use some neem leaf water to treat it, but was unable to find the leaves. So I turned to my aromatherapy book for a solution.
Here is what I concocted:
In 20 ml of room temperature water I added
·         2 drops of basil (tulsi) essential oil
·         2 drops of lavender essential oil
·         1 drop of bergamot essential oil (even lemon oil works).
I used this as a compress – I dipped a cotton ball and dabbed it all over my face about 3-4 times, at intervals of 5 minutes. My itching ceased instantly, and I was itch free all evening & night.  
I thought I would share this on my blog, in case some other patients find it useful.
P.S.: Before attempting this at home, please bear in mind that essential oils are potent chemicals & should *never* be used undiluted. Also please check for allergic reaction before using any essential oil for the first time. I have used essentials oils in the past & I knew for sure that I am not allergic to these three.


  1. Informative !! Im sure itll help a lot of people..Even im developing these round bumps near my eyes :( I dont know what they are or how they got there..need a derm visit asap!

  2. This was a very helpful post & I'm going to have to try this sometime in the future.

  3. just a note of caution to add to your note of caution, bergamot oil in particular is photosensitive, needs to be stored in dark bottles, and one should not apply this oil and step out in the sun, it may cause reactions.

  4. hope now problem has completely reduced ..i have learnt the remedy :) will suggest any one who asks me :)

  5. very informative post...thanks for sharing...

    i do hope that u get well soon...take care.

  6. tanveer........i have a question related to aromatherapy...can u pls help me out??

  7. Hi...Your post really got me thinking man..... an intelligent piece ,I must say. Get more information about Itchy Skin


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