How to wear Yellow Eyeliner

Colored Eyeliners are the latest range this summer & I expect the trend to continue till the end of the rainy season. What better way to celebrate spring & then light up gloomy rainy days than a flash of bright eyeliner

But wearing colored eyeliners is not always easy, they are difficult to pair & match with lip & blush colors. Also not all of us want to ground these all the time. (P.S. Grounding a colorful eyeliner is the technique of applying a thin line of black liquid liner near the upper lashes to make the lashes seem thicker & provide a break buffer between the colored eyeliner & the dark lashes)

I am a big fan of colored eyeliners. I generally don't like black liners / kajals as they don't look good on me. Over the years I have understood a little bit about pairing colored liners. I thought I would do a series of these posts for those of you who love colored eyeliners as much as me. 

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P.S: Please note that these are just my suggestions & are meant to serve as a guide. Please feel free to experiment and add your ways of wearing these liners in the comment section. 

You could paint a thick, yellow line along the top lashes, slightly thickening it in the center (like a banana) or else trace the upper lashes, starting the color right at the pupil, take it all the way to the end, and repeat the same on the bottom.

You can even ground this liner with a dark navy blue liquid liner applied just close to the upper lashes. Finish the look with a light touch of coral pink lip gloss & blush (if needed). Skip mascara. 

I haven’t yet found a eyeliner that is pure yellow without any gold tinge to it. I guess this is where yellow eyeshadow & Inglot duraline come in handy. 
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  1. i am still waiting to try this trend coz i am scared of being called bumblebee by my friends...But i will try to rock this look somehow..someday..!

  2. am a little scared to try this :P

  3. Its such a fun trend..i can imagine katey perry rocking a little safe with liners though!

  4. yellow eyeliner sounds real tempting but too scared to wear it in public :) I have heard so many great things about inglot duraline. have to check it out

  5. I'm so scared of overdoing eyeliners that I even hesitate to do anything other than a super-thin line of the regular black liquid one! This definitely looks interesting though... btw, what about the Lakme eye liner colours this season like the light green? I liked that one. (Also a pink)

  6. ya, its fun for summers..but one needs some guts :)

  7. That's a really fierce look, I'm not sure I would be able to pull of bright yellow, but perhaps it's to do with your mindset- strong and confident!
    Great post, its a trend I haven't seen before, but is refreshingly new!

  8. love your tips, will definitely try them out :)
    (have stopped by your blog quite often, you've found yourself a follower!)

    When Geek Met Chic

  9. Yellow eyeliner sounds fun!! I've seen this on ramp models and if done right this looks amazing! Nice tips!! :)

  10. Also had no idea about the grounding technique!! Thanks!!


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