MAC Dark Diversion Fluidline - Review

This fluidline is a part of the Stylishly Your’s LE Collection.

This is my first fluidline. There is also an interesting story behind its purchase. I have been waiting for months to lay my hands on this fluidline. I saw the swatches on Temptalia & knew instantly that this fluidline is what I have been waiting for. Burgundy – purple tempered with a touch of black-brown to sober it.

The collection was launched on a Friday here & as luck would have it, I was out of town & coming back on Sunday evening. But I was armed & prepared. Couple of days before the launch I begged & cajoled the MUA to please, pretty, please pre-book a pot for me. She was reluctant, what if I didn’t want it after testing it. I assured her, as a makeup fanatic, I knew this was what I wanted.

And then on Monday evening, after work, I had laid my hands on it. It has since adorned my upper lash line every single day, and I have been babbling & asking every makeup fanatic I meet to try this out.

With Flash
Let’s get to the details:

Price: Rs. 1000 (Limited Edition, part of MAC Stylishly Your’s)

Application: You need a brush for this, I use the one that came with Maybelline Gel liner. I generally use this on the upper lash line only. Fluidlines are said to be waterline safe, but I stick with kohls. Also this looks much better (as in the eyes look much better) when this is paired with mascara. I generally use brown mascara from Maxfactor

What I like:
Without Flash
Other than the gorgeous blackened - brown, plumy toned flecked with burgundy shimmer of this liner, you mean? Do you need more reason?
  1. It stays on – it dries quickly & lasts for 6 to 8 hours on me
  2. The staying power approximates that of a liquid liner, but the finish is like a pencil. I love pencil eyeliner finishes – they are softer, smoother, more forgiving to mistakes & look less harsh in general
  3. It is deeply pigmented. I hate gel liners that go on sheer (aka Maybelline gel liner)
  4. The texture is very soft – it is easy to pick up & apply – it blends beautifully & applies smoothly, like butter.
What could be better:
  1. The price, it could be cheaper (the heart wants it all)
  2. It should be a part of the permanent line, and not a LE. Were it not for the fact that fluidlines tend to dry out over time, I would have bought a backup.
Would I re-purchase:  Yes, I would. If it were launched again closer to when my current tub is finishing, I would definitely get another one. 

P.S: For more swatches & review, visit Wiseshe
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  1. wow..gorgeous shade. thanks for sharing

  2. OOOOhhh this looks lovely..such a unique kind of looks like the fluidline version of SKetch eyeshadow

  3. u will get the another pot :):)
    I loved it too .Thanks so much for recommendation and link love:)

  4. I agree with you. This is such a gorgeous shade! I did not get it last time. If MAC launches it again, I definitely will :)

  5. OMG this is so pretty! I have super dark lids. I wanted this too.. but I couldn't get myself to get another fluidline.. I have 2 Maybelline ones and a Siahi.. :| I want to go back and get it after seeing your review!:|:|

  6. I told Ana also...its such a lovely colour, yet absolutely not overpowering

  7. WOW! This is so rich-looking. Would you be comfortable posting a pic of your eye with this on?

  8. If you are raving about this it must be really fabulous.. i need to check this one out.. MAC store hear I come..!!

    Nice to see you are more actively bloggin.. missed you when you were not! :)

  9. It looks wonderful... if only it wasn't limited edition! Also, do you know of other brands with similar products that are good?

  10. I really love the color :)

  11. Hehehe....U do wear this everyday! But truly a fantastic color. Good work by Mac..but yea..the price dampens the joy..

    Nice post!!


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