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Summer Holiday? My Must Haves

New MahabaleshwarImage via Wikipedia
A lot of people I know are headed to some exotic beach or hill - station for a holiday to beat the sticky heat of May. I have just come back from a trip to Mahabaleshwar & am regretting it already. Like the Britishers, I think I too should build a summer home over there to retreat from Mumbai's heat & humidity for around 4 months of the year.

On a summer holiday, you just want to chill out, without a care in a world. You don't want to deal with powdery textures & runny makeup. So here is a quick list of stuff you can carry to make you look as cool as a cucumber without any effort.

1. Sunscreen: Just carry whatever suits you. Also carry some after sun cream to help with any sun burns. Aloe Vera is a easy option. Carry a lot of scarfs & caps/hats to protect your hair & face.

2. Haircare: Carry your shampoos. conditioners, serums & the works. Hair tends to get dirty much more quickly during summers. Carry your entire aresenal of haircare. If your hair looks good, you will need not bother so much with makeup, as you will look polished, none the less.

3. Skincare: carry your light, oil free moisturiser & cleanser. Acne cream, if needed. Carry an anti-tanning cream for hands & feet. Carry a facial mister filled with a toner of your choice - keep misting your face every few hours to keep your skin dewy & fresh.

4. Makeup: Carry a nice brown bronze eyeliner (smudge proof) for day time & some lip color in a natural pinky brown (I'm really liking Lakme Enrich 133 from the Fantasy Collection these days). For night time, I like to top it with some shimmery gloss. I don't like wearing any foundation on my trips.

5. Nails: Bright colors, metalic colors, pastels, whatever gets you groovy - carry them. Once applied, and topped with a clear coat - they are good to go for a few days & will perk up all your outfits. Also carry some cotton & nail paint remover.

Carry lots of deos, makeup cleansing wipes & you should be all set.

What are your summer getaway must haves?
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  1. Nice post.. This is my list.. i usually have all this in my bag...
    1. Sunscreen - SPF 40 or 50 (i never bother to reapply.. bad bad me!)
    2. Lipbalm - With SPF.. soo important i would go crazy without it (I always carry extra tubes in case i loose one.... yes i am paranoid)
    3. Comb and scrunchie - Open a car window and hello tangled hair!!
    4. Facewash - OOhhh the grime..!
    5. Moisturizer - If I wash my face it will get dry..Duh!
    6. A Packet of Tissues - Wet wipes are probably better but my packets always dry up.. Ek!
    7. Hand santizer - Sometimes tissues just wont do!
    8. Toilet Roll - YES! and i carry it in my bag.. (yes i have a slight tissue obsession)
    9. A tiny bottle of water - To DRINK!!(not what u are thinking) Dehydration Control!
    10. Emergency Kit - Sewing kit, tweezers, nail file, band aids, paracetamol tablets, Lomotil (u do know what this is for right?.hehe), santitary napkins for all those tiny emergencies..

    Actually this stuff is always in my bag.. even at work.. althugh at work i generally have some lipstick, eyeliner and mascara as well!

  2. Deo! I'd carry lots of deo... :)but skip on a lot of haircare and skincare stuff other than the basics.... although i do agree with the idea of wanting to have your hair looking best and skimping on makeup!

    do we get t see pics of mahabaleshwar??

  3. leaving beside nail paints i carry almost all the things...and aloevera is a must have Tanz..:)Like anks said do we get to see the pics :D:D

  4. I used to take along a lot of unnecessary stuff, so the last time I went out, I took only the bare essentials. But there were still a few products that I didn't use :P
    My hair normally behaves well, so I don't bother with any products. Depending on the weather I'd take sunscreen, aloe vera gel, face wash & makeup removing wipes. For makeup I'd take 1 eye liner, kajal, lip balm with spf, 2-3 lip products & 1 blush.

  5. Nice tips!

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  6. @Anks / Anamika: I'll be putting up the pics on FB soon :D

  7. hey... i have a small doubt regarding ur home made shampoo ( with amla, reetha and shikakai) posted a few months ago... i dint know where to post it so im posting it here... u told u to mash everything after boiling it... what exactly do u mean here... do i have to put it in the mixie and do i just smash it with a heavy utensil... thanks in advance for ur clarification....

  8. Oh then you should accept my FB invite! so that i can see the pics tooo :)

  9. Just came back from my trip.. Wish I had seen this post before :(


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