Towels & Haircare

Taking care of relaxed hair is a full time job, & I have been doing a lot of reading up & talking to some hair care experts. I have learnt a lot of new things & have been trying out those.

One of the most important things I learnt about was the importance of a towel used post washing in hair care. Curious? Wanna know what the big deal is about a towel?

Well as it turns out, Towels are not good for our hair!!

Yea, that is right. Towels are bad for the hair

Don't keep your hair wrapped up in that towel post washing! While it is a  habit for a lot of us (Wrap up that hair & do your makeup - no drippy hair), it seems the cotton in most towels is quite abrasive for hair, it damages the cuticle & actually causes hair to become very frizzy. It can also at times, absorb too much water & actually dehydrate the hair.

Instead just squeeze / dab your wet hair between the folds of a towel for a minute max & then let go.

Or else you could try my method: Wear your towel like a cape, or like a shawl on your back, resting it on your shoulders and let your wet hair lie on top of it for 2-3 mins. Any water that drips out of your hair will get absorbed by the towel but since you are not rubbing your hair with the towel - it prevents damage. Then let your hair dry naturally & put up with a few drops of water. In return you'll get less frizzy hair.

I have been trying this out for a month now, & I have to say, it actually works. My hair is less frizzy & more smoother.

Have you tried this?


  1. hey i do this too. i leave the towel on for 5 mins and then take it off. really does keep the frizzies at bay!nice tip

  2. I'm a big time towel person.Thanks for the heads up.But my options are getting really limited with no blowers and now no towels either.

  3. Nice post Tanveer, I too dont prefer to use towel after hairwash..Learnt it the hard way that using towel vigorously to dry my hair was actually causing frizzy hair and flyaways..

  4. I actually tried this, and it worked fine. But for long hair, it would take a lot of time to dry naturally. Pus, I'm so prone to cold and flu that I cant do this method. I always catch cold :(

  5. This was good to know! I have always done what I just got to know should not have done..wrap my hair in my towel and get ready and stuff..

  6. agree....I dont keep it tied longer too...and let it dry naturally..

  7. Hi tanveer, nice blog, I am new to blogging. I find many useful info from your blog.
    thanks :)

    Now following you too...

  8. hi i remember reading up using the towel minimally, but as someone prone to catching a cold, something i do is use a silk scarf to wrap my hair then put a cotton towel over it. the silk does not suck out all the moisture , yet your hair dries faster. .

  9. me too...I try not to wrap my hair in the towel but only dab the water and leave...I squeeze out the water nicely from the hair which removes excess water but nothing more....

  10. Awesome post Tanz.. Think many of us never knew towels make the hair frizzy !!!!!!

  11. I too do the cape thingy!! Letting hair dry naturally is the best..


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