How to Prevent Skin Creams from Balling Up

Tell me, you have faced it too. I'm not the only one who faces issues with skin creams balling up, am I?

A few months ago I bought Fab India Vit E gel for oily skin. It is such a cult product with people raving about it. I thought this would be perfect for my newly oily skin. It smelt great. It was uber light. But it balled up. Every. Single. Time.

It would ball up on my face & end up removing my sunscreen too. I initally gave up on it. It seemed my skin was repelling it like plastic. After months of R&D I figured out what may have been the problem.

1. I was applying too much: Used to thick, greasier creams, this gel felt too light & I would apply a lot of it - resultant: cream balls.

2. I was applying it too soon after my sunscreen: Waiting for 5-7 minutes in between creams seems to help prevent balling. In those 5-7 minutes the previous cream sinks in.

3. I was rubbing it in: Water based creams (like gels) apparently fare better if patted in rather than rubbed into the skin.

4. Type of cream: Creams like sunscreen, fairness, skin brightening creams tend to work on the upper layers of the skin - hence they sit on the skin. Applying anything on top of these is bound to make cream balls.

5. Skin that needs exfoliation: Can also ball up. Regularly exfoliate skin.

Do any of your creams ball up? how do you prevent that?


  1. I use a LRP sunscreen and it balls up if I apply it too quickly after the moisturizer. I get those unsightly white balled up particles which are sooo difficult to remove. So I patiently wait for the moisturizer to sink in before applying it. Do you have any suggestions for a good sunscreen?

  2. Looks like you've done some crazy research...thanks a ton, your blog always has such great tips!

    When Geek Met Chic

  3. tanveer, this has happened with me. i figured that i used too much. we are so used to using a certain amount of cream that we fail to see that the quantity required might actually vary from product to product.

  4. I do not use too much and always use the pat pat method..never balled up..

  5. wow...thanks a lot coz some of the creams I apply ball up and I think they simply don't suit me!!! sunscreen always does create a problem so I prefer to apply sunblock after applying the moisturizer...that always prevents the problem...

  6. Hmmmm how about applying the moisturiser( in this case Fabindia Vit E gel) immediately after shower /washing face,allow it to sink into the skin and then 15-20 mins before stepping out apply sunscreen on top.

  7. I get this a lot with sunscreen !! hey ball up really wuickly but perhaps im applying too much !
    Thanks a ton for voting on the post T !!!

  8. Yup yup yup..I face the balling prob (lol) all the time! Ur right, rubbing worsens it.


  9. i face this too, but i have found that waiting for 5 mins after applying sunscreen works well

  10. I never had this problem coz I hardly use any creams. Mostly its just moisturizer .. so I guess that's why.. informative post.. :)

  11. Call me ignorant... but what is Balling up?


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