How to wear Red / Pink Eye liner

Like with Orange, Red eyeliners are a little difficult to find. Substitute with your favourite lip liner or eye shadow.

For Pink eyeliners try Lakme & Maybelline.

Red/pink eye shadows or eyeliners needs to be opaque—sheer red/pink makes it look like you have pinkeye.

Dab the color on the outer half of the upper eyelid only,
avoiding the inner corners, which will make them look bloodshot. Soften around the edges so the color as it looks feminine, and add a few extra coats of black  mascara (if you have used red eyeshadow, for pink opt for brown mascara) on the upper lashes only. (Don’t try red color if you have acne or any red discoloration on the face. The eyeliner will make it appear more obvious & red).

Obviously, the more rust, coppery, brown your red is the easier it is to wear. For those who are new to this trend try copper red eyeshadows - their metallic base makes it easy to wear them as liners. Similarly for pinks - take a close look before you purchase them. Some pinks when sheered out and applied can look very 70's. Unless that is the look you want. Avoid, it doesn't look good under florescent office lights.

Pair your red eye shadows with a peach - pink, very light (but no major brown undertones) gloss & similar dusting of translucent blush. The brows will be very soft in this look.

For pink eyeliners - go for pinky brown shades for lips/cheeks. You don't want to be decked up in shades of pink only. Another interesting variation is to use navy liquid liner to ground the pink eyeshadow. You could also use dark brown instead of black. Pink is essentially an soft color so softer shades like navy, grey & brown work better against it than black. If you are wearing pink during the night time, pair it with silver eyeshadow on the inner corners & on the lower lash line - it looks very futuristic & pretty.

How do you wear your pink & red eye colors?
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  1. I liked the tip on how to pair red shadows/ liners-- thanks! :-)

  2. hey Tanveer..

    U know I just love these series u are doing about various coloured eye liners/shadows.

    U saw my swatch post of Faces Red eyeshadow na?? I'm linking this to that post..Hope u don't mind :-))

  3. i like pairing with golden too at night suits my warm skin tone Tanz :)

    i like the tip of leaving some space in the inner corner while using pink:)


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