Lakme Shadow Artist Shimmer Sticks – Review

It claims: Let your eyes share magical moments with light beams. Creamy color pencils laced with super fine glitter, reflect light and bring a mesmerizing sparkle to your eyes. Edge, smudge, line, shadow, color or blend. Keep the mystery alive.

Price: Rs. 350 for a pencil of 1.14 gms

Shades reviewed: Astral Blue & Glimmer Green

What I like:
  •        The pigmentation of these pencils is just awesome, they don’t look patchy or faded at all even when blended in.
  •        They blend like super soft butter – perfect for all makeup newbies, although I do feel that one needs a brush to blend these.  Fingers don’t do it as well for me.
  •        Astral Blue is a gorgeous, gorgeous shade. It is creamy, it is matt - yet it has a beautiful sheen to it, pigmented – the shade of blue is just divine & will look good on pretty much anyone. Use it as liner or eyeshadow.
  •        Glimmer Green – is a much subtle & shimmery when compared to Astral Blue.  With this shade, I’d say be adventurous and use it as an inner corner highlighter or as a base to green eyeshadows. 

What I don’t like:
  •        The colors (blue, green) are too garish for office wear. I wish they had come up with a subtle brown  – now that would be perfect for daily wear.  Another color I’d like to see is purple. But then maybe Lakme was testing the waters with these pencils
  •        The very thing that makes these pencils so super blendable – also makes them crease & smudge a bit. I didn’t mind the creasing coz I like my smokey eyes to look a bit lived in & messy (yea, I am ok with creasing – shocker confession there from a blogger) – I pair it with tousled hair, dewy skin & glossy lips – you have the rocker chick / messy look down to perfection.  But if you don’t like the creasing – I suggest you apply this on a clean lid & dab a bit of translucent powder or similar colored eyeshadow on top.
  •        The tip is too thick for me to use these just as a liner – I prefer these smudged around the lower lash line & as an eyeshadow.

Would I re-purchase: Astral Blue – definitely. Glimmer Green, hmmm, maybe not. But Astral Blue is a must have. 

Product sent by Company / PR for review, this is a honest recount of my experience with the product
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  1. Hey I got these 2, love the astral blue. But they smudge on me and I agree with you on the tip not being prefect for lining the eyes. Great review. Thanks :)

  2. Wowww love both the shades <3 Thanks for sharing tanveer :))

  3. love astral blue..its one gorgeous shade !

  4. I love shadow sticks lately. they are so convenient and easy to work with most of the time.

  5. I tried these at the store. They strongly remind me of The Elle 18 color bombs. I gor all of them except for the gun metal

  6. I actually love these..i think lake needs to do a bit more in educating consumers abt it..a lot of people are like..why do u like these so much ...they totally smudge and bleed as an eyeliner....but essentially they arent eyeliners..theyr like cream eyeshadows or bases.....i really liked astral blue...its one of my fav eays to do a smokey eye...thick linke on top ad smudge..

  7. great review tanveer ..have been eyeing them for so long....will get them now!

  8. I actually like the green more than the darker blue. I use very little of the product, though I would like to see it in subtler shades for office (like you mentioned). And I don't think they lasted too long, did they?

  9. I loved the glimmer green.

  10. Astral blue is the best! :)



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