Saturday, June 25, 2011

NOTD: Revlon Emerald City topped with Maybelline Glitter Prata

This should actually read NOTW, since I am lazy when it comes to nail paints & I tend to leave them on for a week generally.

The green base here is Revlon Emerald City - one of the rare green nail paints I like. Most green nail paints don't look very nice on me. This one I think looks ok.

Revlon says this deep green - blue nail paint has a suede matt finish - but it does have some self colored shimmer in it. It looks nice by itself, but I wasn't too pleased with the neither here - nor there shimmer. I wanted this color to live up to its jewel-y name.

So I whipped out this Maybelline Artistica in Glitter Prata - this is a transparent nail paint with silver shimmer & gave it a top coat.

In Sunlight

In Evening Light

What are your favorite green nail paints?
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  1. This is so pretty...yr lucky tanveer tht u work in a place where its okay to wear bold nailpolish. I csnt do that AT ALL!

  2. very pretty...its a pretty wearable smokey green Tanz :) i love it :)

  3. Pretty green shade, i think i should check it out. I love greens. Thanks :)

  4. oh, I love greens! Specially turquoise... my fave at the moment is the one from YSL summer collection

  5. Nice combo T. The green looks fab



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