Reliance is bringing Sephora to India!!

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Once in a while, I do turn to the business section as well of TOI. Ideally I should be reading Economic Times everyday, but I generally get way laid by the Bollywood gossip section of Mumbai Mirror.

Last night I castigated myself for being so uninformed about, well, everything related to the business world & thought if not ET, I should at least read some TOI.

And what do you think caught my eye first:

LVMH co Sephora in JV talks with Rel Brands

Sephora is in talks with Reliance - they might be coming to India soon if the Joint Venture goes through. I hope this happens sooner than later. I can already see myself browsing their counters for Urban Decay & Cover Girl :-D

On an unrelated note, if you enjoy bollywood gossip as well, do visit Bollywood Basket Blog (you can find the link to it in my blog roll). It serves the hottest insider gossip in the most candid, bitchy manner. I actually enjoy it a lot (ok, now don't go judging me, I know you'll like it too).
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  1. What!! I hope they have an outlet in Delhi too...

  2. OMG!!!! thats super news!!!!hope this really happens and soon!!!!droool

  3. awesome!!! I wanna check them out too...btw Ash is preggy :p the latest hottest gossip :D

  4. hey thats awesome..hope der talks do work out !!! n ders no other hitch now :/

  5. yooo hoo I am so happy with this news smash box, urban decay,bare minerals..... ohhh my wants are endless

  6. That's fantastic!! Unfortunately, even if they do open stores in Mumbai & Delhi, I don't think they'll open it in Chennai. No one every does!! Sigh.

  7. I too hope that RIL bring Sephora to India and with same international brands. :)

  8. No way!! yayy!! :) :)
    @poohkie, its ok i dont think itll come up in hyd either but Delhi/Mumbai are so much closer than other countries naa! :D

  9. Oh lol! I guess ever beauty addict has covered this !!!! This is so cooool... i wish it happens soon like super quick!

    And i am so headed to bollywood basket blog. nothing like some bitchy bollywood gossip!!!!!

  10. if they come to Delhi i will shift there again .:P

  11. Tanveer, I don't think Sephora carries covergirl, it is a drug store brand...but what an awesome news for you guys, right!

  12. gosh everybody is so happy, and i know so little about sephora. i'll do a bit of research straight away.
    Following you tanveer. you've got a great blog.

  13. Yay.......

    Sounds like music...Thanks for the info Tanveer...Have been hearing of a prospective JV..but never knew who the Indian brand was..

  14. Yipppeee! :D I hope they won't back out now


  15. Love your blog. This post made me realize what a mall junkie I am. I actually recognize the mall where the Sephora in the photo you posted is located. It's a small midwestern town (not NYC or something fun) so it is really quite sad that I have been there enough times to recognize it in a photo... ;)

  16. @Maddy: I'm sure they will open in Delhi too! :D

    @Dr. Shivani: Same here :D

    @Swati: I think all beauty bloggers will land up at the store on day 1 itself :D..

    @Bhumika: I agree! :)

    @Poohkie: Awwww! Maybe they will! Don't lose heart :D

    @Eesha: Yea, Yea, even I want the international brands :D

    @Rima: :D

    @Keerthi: If Mac is there in hyd, I think Sephora will open there too :)

    @PnB: I knew u wld love that basket blog as well!! Same here, me counting days :)

    @Anks: LOL! They will open in Hyd, I am sure, they know you are there :D :D

    @AOYV: Oops! Never been to sephora hence the error :P.. It is awesome! :D

    @Ginger: Thanks a lot dear! :D

    @GGG: Let's hope this goes through!

    @Simran: Yea!!!

    @CZ: I agree!

    @Desipolitian: Thks so much babes! Love yr blog too!.. You are so lucky, I have never been abroad :P


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