Streetwear 01 Black Divine Nail Enamel - Review, Swatches

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What it claims: Gives a dazzling shine to your nails. Shake gently apply 2 coats.

Cost: Errr... I forgot, coz I ripped off the tag the moment I reached home to apply it & I have had this with me for 3 months now. I think it was some 70 odd Rs. for 9 ml bottle.

What I liked: 

1. The shade - a lovely gunmetal grey black with lots of shine & silvery shimmer. It is the perfect way for dark nails without the gothic overtones of black & deary undertones of grey. Plus the shimmer is very fine, and not gritty at all.

2. Lasting power - this thing with just two coats lasted a whole 5 days on my nails without chipping - & this is with no top coat. This is the longest any nail paint has lasted on my nails

3. Very shiny finish. (I don't like matt nail paints - I tend to add a top coat at times just to make my nails look super shiny)

With Flash
What could be better:

1. This ain't the big 3 free.

Will I repurchase this: For sure, this is a very good way for me to wear a black shade to office. I love the color, the shine, the finish. It is a very unique color, it's dark but not goth.
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  1. looks like metallic grey na...I have noticed that grey nail paints suit most and this looks fab on you.

  2. Hey....

    Streetwear is sadly an under estimated brand in India..Ateleast their nail colours require some attention I feel..Even I have a few shades and they lasted well on my nails..

    This is a good shade Tanveer...Will check it out next time :-)

  3. I'm not usually a fan of such colours (prefer the gold-bronze metallics), but you're right-- it's good for office. :-)

  4. Looks v cool....n the lasting power seems gr8 too!!
    nice post!!

  5. Very nice and chic tanveer :)


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