ATB Beauty Notes on Hair Care

Today's tip is again from The Body Shop Book by Anita R (this book is awesome girls! I picked it up at a sale for 200 bucks so I am very pleased)

It has a tip for those of you who have extra oily hair.

Water & Oil don't mix, so the next time you wash your hair, apply diluted shampoo to dry scalp and start working up a lather. Once you have worked the shampoo in, wet & wash as usual. 

How do you deal with extra oily hair?
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  1. Nice tip. I might not be buying the book, but surely I won't miss the important tips as I follow you :P

  2. Wow..i think this might even work for people who oil their hair!. So many times one has to reshampoo just to remove last vestiges of oil !

  3. using vinegar as last rinse does help in balancing the oily glands of the scalp.I have used baby powder trick too but that didnt work as effectively as the vinegar one did.:)

    thanks for the tip Tanz i will try this one out too:)


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