The Body Shop Sale Update

Girls, I visited the TBS store at Malad, Inorbit. Here is what is on 50% off sale

1. Entire range of DeoDry - Roll on & Stick
2. Almond BB
3. Entire range of Burti Baby including the BB
4. Lychee BB
5. Lychee Lotion (I think, am not too sure of this)
6. Lychee Body Mist
7. Aqua Lily Body Mist
8. Entire range of Mineral makeup (foundation, blush & eyeshadow)
9. The Travel set of Makeup Brushes (instead of the regular staid black cover it has that London College of Fashion Cover) - this is an excellent bargain, IMO.
10. Make up Bags of different sizes from London College of Fashion Collection (LCF)
11. Almond Cuticle oil
12. Eyeshadow Palettes - one is the A La Mode from LCF Collection, the second one I think was a part of their Christmas collection - it is a black covered one.

I got myself a DeoDry in floral & chilled, the almond & lychee body butters.

P.S: Accessorize is also on 50% off sale. I practically went nuts there, picked up some earrings. Also a branch is opening in Lokhandwala main market (I saw work going on in the store 2-3 weeks ago. I'm waiting for it to open quickly!!)


  1. thanks for the info tanz... planning to visit soon. this will be my first visit to TBS. Any suggestions in particular? I also want to know how is their rain forest range? Do u have any idea about this?

  2. Hey Tanveer, I hauled quite a bit of bath & body stuff from TBS, glad you jotted down all the items on offer 'coz I had pretty much gone cuckkoo in TBS with so many offers & forgot to take notes!

  3. @Ingdal: From the sale you can pick up either almond or lychee body butter as well as the travel kit of makeup brushes (if you don't have any nice makeup brushes).. If you are wanting to try out makeup you can take a look at the LCF Eye shadow quad - but I generally don't like TBS makeup - too shimmery & expensive..

    Other than the sale items, if you have the budget you can take a look at the Bath Gloves, Face buffer, Cheek & Lip Tint.. These 3 are my absol favs.

    I am not sure about the rain forest range - I haven't tried it. The store owner told me that right now it is on 10% off, but next week it'll be 30% so if you are planning to get that you might wanna wait till next week :)

    I hope this helps!!

  4. thanks a ton Tanz.. I will be visiting only by next week. I will try what you have suggested. Thanks again :)

  5. a! i would love to get my hands on some stuff.thanks for the info tanveer

  6. I have purchased few products for 25% discount. Will be again for brushes:)

  7. oh i can tell u that i went ballistic at the TBS store and got myself a bag full of goodies....but most of the must have stuff was already over at the malad store...and worst the new infiniti malad store doesnt have the 50% sale items...tooooo depressing

  8. Body shop tests on animals :(


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