Chamomile in Aromatherapy

The bottle cost me Rs. 32 
Some of you might remember that I had used dried chamomile flowers in my green tea toner. While I don't use the essential oil of chamomile, dried chamomile serves the purpose just as well in aromatherapy, only you would have to use a lot more of the dried flowers as compared to the oil.

Energy: Cool / neutral moisture
Main element: Wood

The oil/flower has two basic properties:

1. It helps smoothen the flow of the body's energy.

  • It is useful for those suffering from 
  • chronic tension (use with lavender in diffuser)
  • insomnia (have a tea infusion before bed time, basically make a tea of these flowers: dunk them in hot water for 20 mins, strain, sweeten with honey & drink, add lemon if needed)
  • nervous indigestion & nausea (tea)
  • PMS & menstrual pain (use with clary sage & cypress - rub this mixture over the stomach in a clock wise pattern)
  • It helps reduce puffiness & cleanses pores
2. It also clears heat & reduces inflammation
Toner made from Green Tea & Chamomile
Mixed with lavender & germanium it helps in treatment of dermatitis, itching & eczema. It is precisely for this reason that I added it to the green tea toner. I have a lot of redness in my skin, & I am hoping regular use of the toner will help reduce this. It is also gentle enough to use on dry skin. It is also purpoted to help skin regenerate & heal and helps in sun and wind burn. 

Psychological Uses: 
Chamomile can help relieve nervous tension of any kind but it helps most in build up of nervous energy in the solar system. In this condition our emotional needs & wants are intensified, and if frustrated we become irritable. We may react by becoming "over-controlling". Their anger is "moody" - a sullen irritability that comes & goes. 

Chamomile eases the tension of excessive ego desire, helps us let go of our fixed expectations, calmly acknowledge our own limitations and more readily accept the the help of others. 

In conditions such as this, mix 2 drops of orange oil, 2 drops bergamot to chamomile tea infusion (50 ml) and vaporize in electric burner. 

1. Aromatherapy for Healing the Spirit by Gabriel Mojay
2. Aromatherapy by D. Ryman


  1. great Tanz :D thanks for sharing this honey

  2. Tanz from where did you purchased tea tree oil ??
    TBS has one but i think yours is diff. ??

    pls reply dear you didnt replied in tea tree toner post as well :( :( :(

  3. @Rashmi: The tea tree oil is from a brand called "passion indulge".. You get tea tree oil in Blossom Kocchar as well. You can find both these brands at NBC.

  4. ohh ok ok :D thank you Tanz :D
    yeah even i didnt wanted to pick TBS coz its too costly ...

    i will def. get blossom kochar's as its available here in banglore :D
    thanks honey

  5. great post. I`m a big fan of chamomile too, it really does help with PMS. A while back I thought it was only soothing remedy for babies :)


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