Eva Lip balm in Blackcurrent burst - review

What it claims & Key Ingredients: Please see image below.

Price: Rs. 75 for 8 gms

Available at: most supermarkets. I believe this is available in a couple of other variants as well like classic vanilla, strawberry bite, tangy orange & plum sparkle.

What I liked: 
1. The color - a sheer blackish berry purple mix. It is an interesting color with silver shimmer.

2. SPF 15

3. It has very, very fine micro shimmer in silver that doesn't show up so obviously on the lips. It just gives a nice shiny look.

4. I also liked the cute slide packaging.

5. It claims it is 100% vegetarian. I'm not sure now, are my other lip balms non-veg??

What I didn't like: 

1. The absolutely horrendous artificial smell of this thing. It makes me wanna gag each time I tried to use this

See that silver shimmer glistening..
2. It's a lip balm but it does zilch for the lips.

Would I re-purchase: No way. Not this variant, nor any variant. This product had such promise - amazing shade - berry purple, with silver shimmer. Only if it didn't smell so horrendous. I have this entire tub with me now & I just can't bear to use it.


  1. Eeks.....Bummer...it was so cheap and so cute too!!!

  2. Looks very pretty. I guess that is the only plus point eh? Thanks for sharing.

  3. I have this one in pink shade, it doesn't have any shimmer in it, butt its pretty ok. Nothing great. Just ok......even I wouldn't repurchase.

  4. i wonder if these are available in england?

    i dont like that it appears quite unhygenic as u have to use ur finger all the time and when u open it the whole thing is exposed hmm, thats just me

    BreezeyBee Blog

  5. Oh what a lemming, bad smelling /tasting lip balms is just unbearable. You should try The body shop passion berry lip balm, similar shade with a hint of shimmer, smells good & keeps the lips in good shape

  6. nice review. These are also available in tubes for Rs 20 each, I got mine at the chemists'. Thanks :)nice review. These are also available in tubes for Rs 20 each, I got mine at the chemists'. Thanks :)

  7. I am usually game for all kind of lip products. This one looks yummy. But the OTT smell part ...hmm... I'm thinking hard if I should get hold of it

  8. hahaa could almost picture you gagging! i almost always look at the tub and want to buy this but my avon naturals s soooo good, i didnt have to risk it! :)

  9. ohh..I was thinking of trying EVA..now I wont..thanks for the review..alrdy have so many lip balms to finish.. :/

  10. The only good this about it, is the cute packing.... such a dud :(

  11. I hardly use the one I have- Plum Sparkle. It found it ok...but ya, nothing great apart from the cute packaging



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