Green Tea Toner

I've been reading so much about the benefits of green tea toner on Anamika's site (wiseshe), then I saw that Palak has also joined the bandwagon, so I hauled my lazy behind to the kitchen & decided to make it myself.

It was so much fun, once I started I wanted to add so many things to it; I finally had to restrain myself as it begun to smell a little medicinal (I added too much tea tree toner in my enthusiasm).

Anyway's here is what I did:
I used

1. Green Tea Bag - 1
2. Lemon - 1/2
3. Honey - 2 drops
4. Sesame Oil - 3 drops
5. Tea Tree oil - 1 drop (I added 3-4 drops. I blame the new bottle, I didn't know it would expel so much oil)
6. Dried Chamomile flowers - quarter spoonful
7. Water - 100 ml.

How to:

Heat water in microwave, add tea bag & chamomile flowers - let it steep for 5 to 7 minutes.

I had purchased the chamomile flowers a year ago, after I read about the benefits of drinking chamomile tea. I had visions of me sipping delicately honey flavored tea by the window sill. None of that happened. It is supposed to be very beneficial for cell regeneration, reducing puffiness, redness of skin & cleansing pores of impurities. So I thought, might as well. This bottle you see in the picture cost me Rs. 32 at Star Bazaar.

Those things floating are the dried chamomile flowers
After all the steeping, I added juice of half a lemon, 2 drops of honey, 3 drops sesame oil, too much tea tree oil (you just add 1 drop), swirled it around, strained it & have kept it for cooling in the fridge.

I will be trying this out later tonight, I might add a few drops of lemon or lavender essential oil to deal with the overpowering smell of tea tree, later.

I will keep you girls updated on how this fares on my skin.

Have a nice weekend y'all!


  1. Looking forward for the results :).. looks really nice and beneficial.

    1. I may might as well tell you - it smelt awesome & all, but then the tannins in the tea would stain my face dark brown!!

      Each time I used this, my face would seem dirtier than before, one day I wiped my face with a tissue post application and there was brown pigment on the paper. :(

  2. I am on a bit of a herbal home made spree ..i wanna try this out!

    1. Did you try this then? I used it for two weeks and then gave up coz it was giving me brown face. :(

  3. Great. Waiting for the update (with fingers crossed)

    1. Nive! It stained my face dark brown - that chai ka color!! :(

  4. im waiting for the update too!!!!!!

  5. wow Tanz :D will look forward the update :D
    and from where did you bought tea tree oil ??

    and hey i loved the favicon :D :D

  6. Never used Dried Chamomile flowers before would love to know how does it helps in this..Tanz u didnt add baking powder like Palak ..any specific reason for that ?

    1. Anks - Chamomile is very beneficial for cell regeneration, reducing puffiness, redness of skin & cleansing pores of impurities. Or so they say. They being the net.

      I didn't add baking powder, because I somehow felt it wasn't correct for my skin. I have in the past used very harsh prdts on my oily skin and dried it out very badly. So, no more experimentation :)

  7. i am waitng to know how it fares, so that i try it too, and anamika comes up with such great diy things :)

  8. Great post!!! I also really liked Anamika's & Palak's post.

  9. That looks so good! Again, I wish I was yr neighbour :D


    1. Same here! I cld get you to do makeup for me :)


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