Home made Coffee Body Scrub

I am sick of the rains already. It has been 10 days since I saw the sun, it is always cloudy, dull, drab all the time & make me feel lethargic myself.

Perfect weather to use a coffee body scrub - only the incessant rains make it impossible to step out of the house. Travel within a distance of about 20 mins from home is the safest in Mumbai's lashing rains.

So I did the next best thing - make some at home. Here's how

You need:

coffee beans from Bru World Cafe
Roasted Coffee Beans - around 20 beans (I was at a coffee shop, I got some from there)

Milk Powder - 1 sachet or half a spoonful
Any Body wash in complementary smell (eg Vanilla, Oats etc)
Mortal & pestel

How to:

1. Pound the beans in the mortal and pestel (takes around 20 minutes).
2. Add the Milk powder (helps to soften skin)
3. Pack in air tight container.

This makes enough for about 6-7 washes.

the final scrub - my coffee vanilla concoction
Just before use - take half a spoonful of the mixture, add 2 spoons of hot water to it to extract the coffee concentrate. After few minutes add some body wash. I used St Ives Swiss Vanilla. Make sure to use some complimentary scent - like Vanilla or Oats or Coconut - anything tropical. I would avoid very citrusy or aqua type scents. Hop into the shower & enjoy!

I made this mixture last week and it is still good to use. The coffee granules provide the right amount of abrasiveness without being harsh.

If you don't have coffee beans, even regular nescafe would do. Just mix equal amount of coffee powder with sugar granules and use it instead of the mixture above.

In case you don't have milk powder, then just grind the coffee beans by themself and pack them. When preparing the scrub, instead of water add hot milk instead. You could also add a spoonful of honey if you have dry skin to make it more decadent.

This scrub left my skin very soft, and I think it makes a very nice weekly treat, it is also good for those days when you are feeling sluggish and feel the need for a boost.

How do you use coffee in your skincare?


  1. Now this is my kindda scrub. Can`t wait to try it out. Sounds great.

  2. great diy scrub. Thanks for sharing :)

  3. wow this sounds delicious, ground coffee beans, hot milk & honey... sounds good enough to eat.. LOL :) Am gonna try this over the weekend, thanks for the tip

  4. OMG, this looks like awesomeness!

  5. I lovee the coffee smell..sounds awesome..

  6. sounds yummmmy...I am gonna try this.

    Were u tempted to taste it tanvi? :-))

  7. Love love love the recipe.I love the coffee smell and this would be ideal to wash my skin with.But what is the goodness of coffee on the skin?I am sure many.organic lipstick

  8. i like using coffee scrub but mostly in winters because most of them make me feel greasy. i think this one won't therefore i shall try it out :)

  9. Awesome! Mmm...yum yum. Sigh....give me some ;p


  10. Coffee bean smells great and wake up senses any time of the day :)..any substitute for milk powder?

  11. Looks delish . Will surely try it this weekend !!
    I LOVE coffee :D

  12. used ground coffee beans are even better...somehow I find them gentler than unused ones :)

  13. Sounds great! One question though, as ignorant as it may sound, what does coffee do for the skin?

  14. by the way i had made a similar scrub without the body wash , because i read somewhere it helps with cellulite. did not have the patience to use it regularly, but i feel it works well with moisturising and toning.

  15. looks so yummy. might end up eating it. :P


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