Lady Gaga's Makeup in Judas Video

I wrote this post a month ago & then forgot :P.. It's a little late, but I hope you'll still find this interesting!

I love Lady Gaga & her music. Is she a lil kooky at times (meat dress, hello!), yes. But I still love her fashion & makeup choices because she takes such risks.

These days I'm loving her new video - Judas & also her eye makeup in the video. The inspiration for it seems to be the mythical Egyptian Eye of Horus symbol. She has two distinct looks in the video. The concept is same: Lots of black gel liner paired with matt dark berry lips.

The simpler, toned down look. Check out her eyebrow ends. 
One of the looks is the more toned down(?) one with regular kitten flick with gel liner & matt red lips. The most interesting thing here is her eyebrow - it is two-forked at the end using gel liner. Her nails are alternating plain dark blackish burgundy & red nails & gold chains linking them - they look wicked!! Me loves. The color is very similar to MAC Dark Diversion gel liner. I would love to get such nail art done, though that probably means I would be doing little else coz I imagine those tiny chains might break.

Her color blocked nails

Check out those feathery eyebrows
The other look is the more Eye of Horus styled eyes, the brows too get a major makeover. There is strong top line, followed by brush flicks through it to give it a feathery appearance. I have a feeling this was done using some very clumpy mascara & some gel liner. And there is a golden mole on her right cheek, reminds me of Rekha.

The nails are trending on color blocking- they are now red & green alternating, nails heavily embellished with stones. The motifs used look very Indian to me, I feel one could easily find such stuff in those lace & sequins stores.

Until recently my concept of brow makeup extended to filling in gaps. Trust Gaga to change it all.
I want that crown! :)

She also wears lovely head accessories in the video - from regular black & white bandana to a elaborate crown made of golden chains, which I adored. (I love hair accessories, I have lots of them & wear them at every given opportunity)

You can watch her video here.

I love Lady Gaga, I love her songs, & I love how she is constantly trying to innovate & twist around fashion rules. She's a true innovator.

What do you guys think? What did you like about her look in the video?

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  1. I actually like Gaga's style in spite of all the wackiness. But then, meat dress is disgusting!!!

  2. The feathery eyebrows one is nice!!!

  3. I like the last look. She just so...different, that's why we like her :)


  4. When it comes to lady gaga comments :)
    Thanks for sharing though.

  5. Yup the 'Eye of Horus' makeup is bang on in 3rd pic.Interesting that you posted this now, I just finished reading Matthew Reilly's 'The Seven Ancient wonders' last night and entire book was peppered with Ra, Horus & Ossiris heiroglyphs. Interesting Post indeed, I love Gaga, she kooky alright but she is unlike any other

  6. sometimes i wish to do a lady gaga look but then it scares me too :P

    her makeup choices are bold and i wish to join lady ga ga club where every one do her style of makeup :P

  7. Oooohh...nice analysis....
    her make up is v out there...something tht takes a lot of guts n craziness 2 try out...but tht's Gaga fr u!
    Great post!!

  8. You forgot the last multi-layered hair look!! She looks so different in all the looks that she does!!!


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