Lakme Fantasy Collection Nail Paint - Review & Swatches

Lakme had launched 6 nail paints as a part of the Fantasy Collection. I am reviewing the shades: 249, 250 & 251

It Claims: Flash around those enchantingly pretty nails. Happy nail colors in mellow pink, hot pink, soft lilac and mauve, bring gorgeousness to your fingertips. Brush them on your nails and bring magic to any look. 

Price: Rs. 90/-


From L to R: 251, 250 & 249

Review: All 3 shades are very pretty, girly & wearable. They all are glossy and without shimmer making them perfect for office. I'd reckon all these colors are actually very universal in the sense that they would go with most outfits & look very feminine.

249 is the lightest pink & 251 is a creamy fuchsia pink. 250 is somewhere in the middle.

I personally don't like the formula of all Lakme Nail Paints though, I find them a little thick and goopy. I am very clumsy & impatient when it comes to nail paints & prefer thinner formulas as they are more forgiving to mistakes and also dry faster.

Recommended: If you like the Lakme nail paint formula, I think all 3 are a very good buy, they would look good on most outfits, on most occasions & almost all skin types.

Product sent by Company / PR for review, this post is my honest opinion. 


  1. I like 250 the most of the three :) It'll look amazing on toes :)

  2. AGREED....v.pretty shades. I have something similar to 249 from MaybellineColorama

  3. Hey nice post...i have been searching for such a mellow pink (something that is not baby pink)since i got that! ..thanks.!

  4. the 251 and 249 looks really great! nice review

  5. All 3 are very pretty shades. Love the colors as i am heavily into pink nps. Thanks:)nk nps. Thanks:)

  6. I have 249 n quite like it..250 is nice too..

  7. I Liked the 251 :), been very long since I have bought any lakme color :P

  8. loved all the shades. very pretty and girly indeed. :)

  9. I really want to try 250.

  10. Hey T , lovely shades.. Cute colours

  11. I wish lakme would come out with some fun and bright colours. Most of their nil polish shades are so safe


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