LUSH in Lokhandwala, Andheri (W)!!!!

Ok, I am really excited!!

You girls remember how I used to crib that both the Lush stores in Mumbai were 2 hours (one way) drive from my place, and wished it would open a store closer? I would feel really lazy to spend 4 hours travelling just to get a 100 grms of product.

Well, they have! My best friend (she's a Lush junkie & the one who got me addicted to their stuff in the first place) very excitedly msged me today evening & told me that a Lush store has opened up in Lokhandwala - barely 20 min walk from my place! Woohoo!

(On second thoughts, may be I should have wished for something better - like a 70% discount on Lush & Mac & Mufe for life or a Ferrari or world peace or even some peace in the Indian beauty blogosphere). But I won't look a gift horse in the mouth - I am thankful & grateful (though my hubby is not) & I plan to go shopping there this very weekend.. hehehehe...

Ok, so this is the address girls:

P.S: For those of you who are new to area, I'm told this store is in the 4th cross lane, next to the Reebok store. I plan to check it out over the weekend - I'll update in case this is not correct.

Update: This LUSH store is at the absolute end of Lokhandwala, it is actually opposite Reebok & Beauty World, next to the Home Pride bakery.

P.P.S.: Why do they call themselves Lush Cosmetics when they are actually a skin & hair care company & hardly make any cosmetics?

Have a wonderful LUSH weekend Girls!!

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  1. Thanks for sharing tanveer!!!

  2. Thanks for sharing Tanveer!! Its time for my first Lush purchase..I have oily/combination skin with a tendency for pimples..please recommend some product from Lush which u've used and likes. Thanks in advance.


  3. @Ankita: I have used two of their products for oily/acne prone skin. One was Fresh Farmacy Cleanser - which I have reviewed here.

    Just to give you a gist - it is nice but a lil on the drying side. My face is quite oily so I liked it, but I don't use it more than once a day...

    Next is Dark Angels - a exfoliating prdt for oily skin. I love this one, but don't use it more than twice a week - this stuff is strong. There is a review for this also here:

    Another prdt that I loved is the Cosmetic Warrior Fresh Face Mask - It helps heal acne & reduce redness, but only problem is that it lasts only 2 mnths max. I stored it in the freezer.. The SA was nice enuf to give me 50 gms of this (instead of the mandatory 100 gms - I guess he took pity on all the acne on my face) :)

    Also they have testers at the store, pls try out everything before u buy - in fact I wld suggest, try out the sample - go for a walk in the mall, & after 30 mins if yr skin still feels good - get it only then :)

  4. wow!!! thats great news..its close to my place too...I have2 check it out:))

  5. Congrats on getting your prayers answered! way to go 'Lush' hauling now girl!

    P.S.- Yup next time you are sending your makeup prayers to heavens above,plz add my lil request for 70% off on MAC ,MUFE & Inglot as well ;)

  6. I never tried anything from Lush, but your reviews would be soon getting my purse lighter. :P I would like to try out something from Lush soon

  7. It`s always a pleasure to meet another lush junkie, I`m so following you. You are sooo lucky to have lush in India. We dont have it here in Pak.You have asked a very good question. I have wondered why they call it cosmetics as well.DO try their vanilla in the mist soap(coffee and vanilla) and massage bars. I just wrote a lil review if you are interested visit my 5 day old blog :)

  8. Good news fr u!!!!!
    I', sure u'll be their special customer soon! :)

  9. Thanks Tanveer..I'll check these out!

  10. Even I've often wondered why they call themselves 'Lush Cosmetics'! They don't have any!!!

  11. Hey, found your post online.. Have the same problem that all lush stores are really far away. Does the store still exist in lokhandwala?? I called just Dial but they say that there is no store.

  12. Hey, have the same problem that all lush stores are really far away... Found your blog online... But when I contacted just Dial they said that there is no lush store in lokhandwala... Does it still exist???


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