Mellow Sarson Ubtan - Review

It claims: Face & Body Cleanser. Mellow Sarsoon Ubtan is an effective formula, consisting of extract of natural herbs, yellow mustard seed, cow milk and other effective ingredients. Regular use cleanses deeply, nourishes and tones the skin leaving it incredibly smooth and supple.

Active Ingredients: Sarson 6%, Cow's Milk 14%
Base: Preservative qs, Fragrance qs

How to use: Apply with water instead of chemical soap. (I actually take a pinch with dry hands, and apply it on a pre-moistened face). I rinse after 2 minutes.

Best used before 24 mnths from date of manufacture

Price: Rs. 80 for 35 gm tub

What I liked: 

1. I had been wanting to try a ubtan since a very long time, but the exhorbitant prices of Forest Essentials were a prohibitive factor. This is priced very decently at 80 bucks for a 35 gm tub which lasts a good 3-4 mnths. Plus I got 20% off on this :-)

2. It is very, very gentle on the skin. It exfoliates but the grains are very soft, spongy & gentle. It can easily be used daily for the face.

3. It rinses off easily & leaves the skin very soft & smooth. It can be used just like regular soap instead of your facewash in the morning.

What could be better: 

1. The availability. I bought this from New Beauty Centre, Khar. I am almost through with my current tub, but they  have not stocked this as yet. Most of the times it seems it is OOS (out of stock).

2. The ingredient list is incomplete. I felt like this has besan, but I am not sure.

3. My hubby used it once & complained that it stings a bit. I have never experienced any stinging. Ever.

4. I once tried making this in milk instead of water, doesn't work. Use with water only.

Would I repurchase: Yes, this is a good product at a very reasonable price. I can't find it at NBC now, but next time I'm getting a back up as well.

If you are looking for a non-foaming, non-chemically, ayurvedic face scrub gentle enough on the skin for daily use as well as gentle on your pocket - get this. It can't get any cheaper than this. 


  1. Like the review, though haven't seen these in any outlet before.. somehow I buy all these dry ubtan powders and them am too lazzzy to mix these & apply...btw i've used a few Forest essential products (not the ubtan though) but I found them a bit over hyped..and definitely over priced

  2. I love face ubtans Tanveer....and have been eyeing the Forest Essentials one for a while now :-))

    This one sounds good....but I have not seen it in the store..

    I made one at home recently...with green gram powder as base and some other herbal powders

  3. Sounds good!! I haven't tried ubtan's before.. Nice review !! :)

  4. Hi,
    Where can we pick these from?

  5. tanveer ry the tatha ubtan once u will love it too!!

  6. @Dhanu: Beauty Centres at Crawford market, Khar & Kandivali should have it :)

  7. @Shivani: I wanted to, but I don't know where this brand Tatha is sold :P

  8. wow it looks like bread crumbs :P ..Tanz next time u visit them do ask where i can find them in Hyerabad plz :)

  9. @Anamika: Sure! I'll do that :D

  10. i havent see this at all, the sarson in it is actually attracting me

  11. Tanveer, I had heard about it but I had never tried it. Great review!!!


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