My MAC Shopping List

As some of you know I recently lost my tiny stash of MAC & MUFE makeup while shifting. Luckily the LE items from MAC (Chromatographic pencil & Dark Diversion) were packed separately. But I essentially lost

1. Paint pots in Blacktrack & Artifact (which has now been discontinued)
2. Blush in Desert Rose
3. Lipsticks – Capricious & Viva Glam Cyndi
4. Lip Prep + Prime
5. Kohl liner in Teddy

I also lost an aqua cream #2 from MUFE & Aqua Liner in 1L (a soft grey black). I’m planning to buy both these products again. They were awesome, imo.

I’m planning to restock the lost items over the next 2-3 months – basically spacing out my purchases. I have made some modifications to the restock list simply based on usage & performance of the above products. Here’s my new list.

1. Paint Pot in either Soft Ochre or Groundwork or Quite Natural – I’m undecided as of now. This is to use as a base underneath eye makeup as well as by itself for a neutral eye look. The paint pots I had really impressed me with their quality & pigmentation.

2. Prep + Prime Lip. I loved this product so much; it has become a staple for me. I cannot imagine putting on lipstick without using this underneath. P.S. I got this on Sunday :)

3. Brush 217 – I got this on Sunday as well, love at first stoke for me. It blends like a magic wand.

4. Brush 239Shivani (AOYV) gave this a huge thumbs up. I got 217 also after reading her review. This one is apparently really good for eyeshadow application.

5. Lipstick in Viva Glam Cyndi – well, the proceeds go to charity in any case. This is a really pretty coral red. It goes on sheer and can also be used as a tint. My only consolation is that I had half finished the earlier tube, so it’s not a complete loss for me. I find that it looks pretty natural on me.

So that’s my list – 5 things to replace the 7 I lost. You may have noticed I’m concentrating more on basics this time & not replacing certain things. Here’s why

1. Artifact Paint Pot has been discontinued. But if I find it, I’ll get it. I got Blacktrack to simplify my smoky eye routine, only to realize over time that I hardly do smoky eyes. Most of the time I’m getting ready to go to office where this would hardly be suitable.

2. Blush. The MAC Desert Rose blush was really nice, but I just seem to have gotten too used to cream blushes now, & I have quite a few to finish first. I might buy one, but after a year.

3. Lipstick in Capricious was slaughtered in return for an eye makeup brushes. It is a lovely shade, but I’m going through a lip gloss phase right now. It does have fond memories – it was my very first purchase from MAC.

4. Teddy Kohl was a washout for me – it didn’t stay on, would smudge & frankly did not match up to its hefty 900 + price for me. I get pretty much the same results from another liner which costs half (It’s a close dupe for this – That post is coming up next week)

So what do you gals think? Anything that I’m missing out or that seems like a wrong buy? I was thinking of also adding in an eyeshadow – either Swiss Chocolate or Tempting.

Do tell!


  1. I love viva glam cyndi !!! I wouldv definitely restocked that like you did...I have capricious too..and yup...though its nice its not something super special...

  2. Get Groundwork....its beautiful :) Quite natural will be too dark on you i think..

  3. Wow Tanveer, that's quite a shopping list you've going on, please don't let ur hubby take a sneak peak till u manage to snag all of them!! Btw I can't even imagine how terrible it'd be to lose such a gorgeous makeup collections.. I once lost 2 cartons of all my 17 sandals while shifting ..gave me quite an excuse to shop for more :) hope u get all the goodies. Do post a review on the paint pots

  4. very fine list i must say :D :D 217 and 239 are must have and shivu reviewed them so precisely :D :D

  5. hey Tanz..i love desert rose :)Hope u get a magic wand after watching harry potter and get all the above products back ASAP.

  6. Awee thanks for the shout out. <3 I'm glad you love 217 after I recommended it to you :) It would kill me if I recommend someone something and they don't like the thing. Can I do some blush recs? Do have a look at Coppertone, pinkswoon, margin, peachykeen and style, I can see alll of them looking lovely on you. As for lipsticks, do try cosmo, hug me. As for eyeshadow, do look at jest, it is a shimmering peach, lovely all over wash color.

  7. Oh, this makes me so sad :(. Maybe instead of buying the same ones u can buy similar ones.Painterly Paintpot instead of the ones u already tried. Fleur Power instead of Desert Rose.


  8. hey a question....are we getting the viva glam cyndi in india now....cos i am not able to find it in the US anymore

  9. @Niti: Nope, it has been DCed :(


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