The Nature's Co Wet Mud - Vetiver Soap - Review

It claims: Lather up with detoxifying wed mud & vetiver that will nourish & moisturize your skin, leaving it rejuvinated & smooth

Key Ingredients: Vertiver Oil, Olive Oil, Coconut Extract, Aloe Extract

Price: Rs. 345 for 125 gm soap

What I liked:

1. The smell. It smells of khus-khus (vertiver)& that earthy aroma released by the soil after the first rain. Vertiver has a very clean, aqua but earthy kind of frangrance and is one of my favourite essential oils.

2. I used this only on my face (you read the reason in the "WCBB" below) - it was pretty mild & didn't dry out my face even once.

3. The packaging is very cute - it comes wrapped in clear plastic & then tied up in a cloth.

4. Fortunately, this orange colored soap doesn't turn into mush like LUSH soaps. It lathers well, but at the same time is sturdy & lasts long. 

What could be better (WCBB):

1. If you'll see the image, the product I got was tagged "Oily Skin".. I was confused, it is soap, but which person has oily skin on the body. I decided not to risk it and have been using this on my face only. Today I read on the website that it is for "Normal Skin".. what's the deal, oily or normal?

2. It is one of the most expensive soaps I have seen.

3. Ingredients listing is incomplete.

Would I recommend: It is an amazing smelling soap, but honestly it is too expensive. If you have the budget, then you could indulge yourself.

Product sent by company / PR for review. 


  1. I felt the same for LUSH Karma... ditto feeling :(
    Don't think will be giving this a chance :D

  2. soap looks super cute Tanz but too expensive :(

  3. @Anamika: I so wish it were cheaper.. like 120 bucks, I wld have become a life long fan. I love the way it smells, but 350 bucks for a soap is a little too much.

    @Divya: I feel very conflicted when it comes to such luxurious ayurveda - it is all amazing stuff, but too expensive.

  4. This sounds divine. Love vetiver and earthy scents.

  5. Too expensive for a soap Tanveer. But I really love the earthy fragrance ....

  6. ya expensive for a soap..khus khus sounds nice though..

  7. Its so expensive!!! I won't turn into Sridevi, but then, one in a blue moon indulging in these is a sheer pleasure


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