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New to MAC? Here is a quick guide!

I understand that a lot of you, like me, have just begun exploring the wonderful, colorful world of MAC. It can be confusing (what's with a million finishes?) & intimidating (have you seen how many shades of lipstick they have?), not to mention that a lot of girls put off their first visit to MAC as they don't wanna embarass themselves with the lack of info on makeup. (Makes it seem like going to MAC is like some kind of rite of passage - fail here and you will be scarred for life).. Uff, the pressure!

I stumbled upon this Beginners Guide to MAC by Temptalia. It is divided into ten parts - lips, eyes, blushes et al. I personally found this very useful & felt the 10th part which adressed various reader questions as well as etiquette rules for MAC to be very useful. Like I had no idea that MAC has a sample policy - you can ask for a foundation sample to take home & try, before purchasing. I'm not sure to what extent this is followed in our local stores though.

(I was at Body Shop once - they always have these free samples at the billing counter. The manager of the store was billing my purchases, I asked her to throw in a sample of their Vitamin C cream. She starts flipping the sample around staring intently at it & then says "Let me find out how much this costs"..
Me (extremly confused): "I thought the samples are free.."
Luckily there was an employee there who informed the manager that these are free samples for customers. I guess the manager was new.)

The guide also talks about how to deal with sometimes "snooty" behaviour that one might encounter at MAC. Personally speaking I prefer to shop at the SV Road MAC rather than the Juhu PVR one. Both are equally close to my place, Juhu one is a tad closer, but I somehow like the MUAs at the SV Road more. Just a personal preference.

MAC products aren't exactly light on the pocket, it is always better to be educated about them, before you go shopping.

What was your first experience at MAC like? Were you also intimidated?
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  1. i was.... i went to get siahi and knew what i wanted.... but it was over whelming... the SA seemed nice enuff but i was fumbling!

    1. I know what you mean Anks - it happened to me too, until I made friends with an MUA there :)

  2. Helpful post. Thanks for sharing. Down with all snooty SAs :)

  3. It`s nice to know that MAC inst making them work on commission. Now that`s pure torture.

    1. LOL! Actually because of that they sometimes push very wrong shades on unsuspecting customers because they want to clear stocks.

  4. hehe as a teen i personaly prefer maybelline..pocket friendly :)

  5. No, I was not at all intimidated. I know how you think that MAC SA's are so full of them, but you have to remind yourself no matter how they act, they are just another sales people who are there to help you. I think most MAC people here are nice, but you do meet psycho ones. I never trust MAC SAs with their foundation matches, I have gotten everything from NC30 (WAYYYY TOO LIGHT) to NC 44 (wayy too dark, made me look like snooki) so my suggestion would be to take a foundation you trust and ask the SA to match that foundation to what they have.

    1. Thanks for all the tips Shivani! :D.. I'll keep that in mind when buying foundations :D

  6. I have not been to the Juhu MAC but I like the SV Road SAs too!

  7. Interesting post Tanveer. The policy in one of the Chennai stores is to not give out free samples. Apparently the manager has specifically instructed the MUA/SA to not give out samples.

    And for my first MAC purchase: I want to share this experience with you all. Back in 2001, my cousin signed us both up for a $50 MAC- makeup class (in USA). MAC has these sessions where they conduct makeup lessons. The buy-in is $50 and you can pick up makeup worth that amount after the session. It was after they had closed the store and it was super fun!! The main MUA did a tutorial for this volunteer and talked about tips and techniques. After that I ended up buying 3 eye-shadows, 3 brushes, 1 blush and 1 pigment!!!! Never looked back again :)

    1. Hey! Thanks for sharing that bit on the tutorial - I'm sure that will help a lot of girls :)

  8. I also prefer shopping at SV Road store.
    But, agree that you have to be very careful/ well educated before you pick-up anything.

    1. Yea, esp when nothing seems to cost below 1000 bucks :)

  9. lovely post Tanz :D :D
    with me I lovee Juhu MAC and i seriously get royal treatment there ... the manager there Brazilia will never give you stuff which you dont require
    however in SV road MAC the manager Neetu will suggest you stuff which you will hardly use ...
    i wish you encounter her next time :D :D ...

    1. Actually Rashmi you have such amazing knowledge of MAC so I guess you wld get royal treatment in all MAC stores :D

  10. nice one Tanveer :) me too starting with my MAC collection :) the link is useful to review my wishlist stuff :)


  11. Oh i so wanted to tell u guys this...when i visit the malad MAC store, i always get the feeling that the SA there are least interested to assist you, like they are waiting for the ones loaded with diamonds to walk in. There is just one SA who is very helpful and u dont see her all the time. Also recently i was travelling for a vacation n i shopped for above 10 K and trust me i got no free samples or a word abt the free lessons they were offering. I feel totally cheated specially when i have shopped there repeatedly after that behavior...out of no choice of another store nearby....i doubt i would return to them any soon..i rather travel to juhu n try them...cos when u spend that kind of money u better get some helpful SA to assist ur picks.

    1. Awww! Too bad yaa..

      I used to get that feeling at Juhu store also. MUFE is really nice, they also have a store in Inorbit & they totally go out of their way. I remember they even once gave me a complete makeover. I really enjoy shopping there. They have a male MUA who is very nice and helpful as well :D


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