The "No Makeup" Makeup Look

Eh! Sounds like an oxymoron right? My hubby scoffs - "So you are using makeup to make it seem like you have not used any makeup at all? You could achieve the same look, without using any makeup and also save some time & money in the process."

Men don't get it, its not that simple.

The No Makeup look is a very crafty technique, it is a look designed to make it seem like you have the most flawless complexion & sharp features - that fresh, flawless look that seems like you just washed your face & walked out the door.

Until recently this look was a complete mystery to me.

I would read about it and try to re-create it but I was never able to pull it off. Somehow you could always see the makeup on me. I finally gave up & reverted to tinted lip balm & mascara for this look. And then I came across this video by Lisa Eldridge (link given at end of the post). This video explains the look so very well, I saw this video a couple of time, tried out the tricks & voila, suddenly I had perfected the no makeup look.

I did this recently & asked hubby how my makeup was, he looked at me & said "What makeup? You aren't wearing any" (Success!). I then asked him "How do I look?", His reply "You look very fresh, skin is looking good" (Mission Accomplished)

Now when you watch the video, you will see Lisa explains how the colors for this look really depend on your natural tones. So the set of products you use will vary from person to person.

But I thought of anyway sharing the list of products that really work for me to achieve this look.

Foundation: Bourjois Healthy Mix no. 53
Concealor: Bourjois Healthy Mix
Eyeshadow & Eyebrows: Jordana Eyeshadow in Auburn
Eyeliner: Faces Eyeliner (pencil) in solid brown
Blush & Lips: Max Factor Cream blush in Soft Murano
Mascara: Max Factor X-treme lash in Brown

Watch the video below:

So have you tried this look? What are your products to achieve this look?


  1. Iv been trying to perfect the no makeup makeup look too..I love lisa elridge..she is beyond helpful and her videos are sooooo useful and interesting

  2. I love Lisa Eldridge videos...shes too good:)
    I love the no makeup look too :)

  3. you are so right... men just don't get it! my hubs looked at deepika padukone's dum maro dum item song ad commented she isn't wearing any makeup.... i was like.. she has makeup on her face... and prob arms and legs too! wud love to see a pic of ur no makeup look :)

  4. hey thanks for sharing the link

  5. i use 4 things for my no makeup look

    1. peach lippie
    2. peach eyeshadow
    3. concealer (if required)
    4. compact

  6. the video is super helpful and yes would love to see a pic of the no make up make up! :)

    When geek met chic

  7. oh m trying dat too..infact dats d only llok i try to wear. thanks 4 d link n do share a turorial or pic :)

  8. just saw the vid.... its super! thanks for sharing

  9. Just what every girl dreams :)
    Great post yohooo :)

  10. Woah..whatta look !Thanks for sharing.

  11. I am also a great fan of lisa's vidoes Tanveer...and "No Makeup look" with makeup...haha..totally get it..

    For me its MAC Mineralise compact+ a nude lippie(Autumn Rush from MAybelline Colour Sensational)

  12. im gonna watch the video right now :D thanks :)

  13. hihihihi. I'll go now on mission accomplishing project with my bf!! :P

  14. Oh ! thats one look every girl wanna master :D
    I just seamlessly blend my foundation if I want the no make up look , But thats a lot of work , so I ultimately reach back to the old trust oil control compact which gives some coverage :D

  15. Video Blocked :(
    But wld luv to see it later..after all this is a very sought after look!
    Great post!!

  16. I have seen dis lisa's all vids..nice..

  17. I have tried this with my concealar palette and it worked for me..and used Inglot cream blush :)

    this is a fantastic post because people can share idea about how they try to achieve their no makeup look :)

  18. Lisa is awesome! She's so legit. For me it's BB Cream, MAC MSF Natural, rosy cream blush, eyeliner, mascara & lip balm....I hink that's all hehe :D



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