Sudocrem - Thanks Cynthia!

I have to thank Cynthia (Indian Vanity Case) for this. I had read her review of this & just had a feeling that I have seen this somewhere.

That very weekend I went to Alfa (Irla) & my gut feel was right! Alfa stocks this cream. I immediately got myself a pot as I was recovering from molluscum contagiosum then and as a result had a lot of redness on my face. I had (another) hunch that this cream could help reduce the inflamed skin & redness I was experiencing.

What is Sudocrem: Antiseptic Healing Cream. Used for acne, sunburn, surface wounds besides, errrrr, nappy rash.

How to use: The general rule is to use a small amount and apply in a thin layer. Massage in small circular movements until the Sudocrem has disappeared leaving a translucent film. If this does not cover the affected area apply a little more – Remember a little really does go a long way. If the area stays white after application, too much has been applied.

For external use only and should not be allowed to come into contact with the eyes and the mucous membranes.

15.25% Zinc Oxide; 0.39% Benzyl alcohol; 1.01% Benzyl Benzoate; 0.15% Benzyl Cinnamate; 
4% Lanolin
Also contains:
Purified Water EP; Sodium Benzoate EP; Paraffin Wax; Microcrystalline wax; Liquid Paraffin EP; Synthetic Beeswax; Sorbitan Sesquioleate EP; Propylene glycol EP; Citric acid; Butylated hydroxyanisole; Linalyl acetate; Lavender

Thick, white paste like cream.
Price: Rs. 380 for a 400 gm tub

What I liked: 

This is a God sent if you are suffering from acne, redness, surface wounds or as in my case MC. When I got this tub, I had just undergone extraction which had left my face very red & with tiny wounds. This cream overnight soothed my skin, the next morning my skin was less red & I also noticed that my wounds seem to heal faster once I had begun to apply this. Also you need a very  tiny bit of this for the entire face, so it seems like this pot is gonna last a while. Good thing it's not gonna expire for the next 5 years. 

What could be better: 

Nothing! I love this cream just the way it is :). The packaging could be better, it is a flimsy grey plastic tub, but that is just something that could be better. It doesn't bother me. I realize this is in a tub which might feel unhygienic especially since you are using it for skin infections, but considering this is not officially sold in India, I'm not complaining. Beggars cannot be choosers. The cream works. 

Recommended for: I realize that not everyone may need a pot of this around. I would recommend this only for girls who have some kind of redness or skin infection, weird boils or bumps, acne or sunburn. Basically this is not an everyday cream, it is like those special creams you dig out when your skin's not behaving. 

Also I'm not sure how acne prone skin would react to this, as this is essentially an heavy cream. I didn't break out, but if you have sensitive skin please err on the side of caution.

Thanks CZ! I would have never bought this had I not read your review, & this helped me tremendously!


  1. U know frd was cumin from UK..n I told him to get this after reading CZ's review..its exactly the same tub..I dint knw it was der at alpha..
    bt its nice..I got a pimple..n this did help dry it n reduce the bump overnight..I like the fact that its multi purpose :)

  2. @Bhumika: Awww! I have a particularly good memory when it comes to shopping. I tend to remember where I saw stuff & things like that... But this is an awesome cream! :D

  3. I have gone just 1-2 tyms to Alpha making a list..dat too on a sunday..n it was super crowded :/
    Actually its quite far from my I cannot go der much..
    ya its awesome :)

  4.'re welcome T!I'm happy u got yr hands on it... U needed it :D. It looks so yum in a tub.

    If it's Mumbai, it means it must be somewhere in Delhi too then. I must find out.


  5. WOW great Tanz :D thanks a lot for this , i will def. gift this to my mom who suffers from sunburn now D:

    and alfa store in Irla but is that the cosmetic one ? i hope thats the one you mean right ??

    thanks again Tanz and CZ :D :D

  6. it wont be of any use for me right now but i hope i remember it when i suffer from the problem :P

    CZ Rocks;)

  7. thanku tanveer.....have been having some acne of late...hormones horones!!!!will buy this asap

  8. Hey gave you award..

    Thanks for your support and encouragement for my blog :)

  9. Sounds like fab :) but will have to discover where to get in Bangalore :(

  10. i had an itchy rash behind my hear and i put this on and i rubbed it in and then added some more lol i thought it was supposed to be white loool how silly of me.

    glad it worked for you, sudocrem is such a must have!

    xoXo -B

    BreezeyBee Blog

  11. I have acne prone skin which is also super sensitive...
    but will give it a shot if its that good :)

  12. My hormonal acne is giving me sleepless nights..i think i will give this a try if I get my hands on it!.thanks for the review girls!

  13. Oh this post was so goood. Thank you!!!

  14. wow...will search out for this...having 15% zinc oxide does help as a sunscreen too :)

    1. It does! I use it like that quite often :)

  15. Hey Tanveer,
    I love your blog! Recently i have developed a lot of acne on my face and I am really stressed out over it since my skin has always been very good.. I wanted to try out sudocrem after reading about it here, and so i went to alfa, but it turns out they're out of stock and not likely to get it any time soon :( could u suggest some alternate place to get it from? i am really keen on getting my hands on this one and i have asked all my friends to keep an eye out for it, but i haven't had any luck yet :(

    1. Thanks Nikita!

      I really haven't seen it anywhere else Nikita, I hope you find it soon! Good luck! :D


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