ATB Beauty Notes: Sonakshi Sinha shares her tips

I read this on the Vogue website. A few beauty notes from Ms. Sinha :)

Diva tip
False eyelashes. You feel instantly glamorous.

Skin rituals
I remove all my make-up and moisturise before sleeping at night. I use a Nivea moisturiser and Neutrogena Deep Clean Cleanser, and I drink lots of water.

Hair ritual
I go for an occasional olive oil or coconut oil head massage, which is really good for blood circulation. I also enjoy L'Oréal hair spa treatments.

Day and night 
I try to keep my look very natural in the day—no foundation, just coral blush and transparent mascara at the most. And for the night I prefer a heavier eye; I’m a complete kohl and eyeliner person. I hate lip gloss, and will occasionally go for a red mouth. Lately, I’ve been fascinated by coral and orange shades.

Vanity bag essentials
Inglot Coral Blush, Inglot Coral Lipstick – 401, M.A.C transparent mascara, Chanel Matt Lumière no. 50, MaXfactor waterproof mascara, Revlon kohl pencil.

Home recipes
Occasional multani mitti packs. I regularly use fresh aloe vera on my skin. Any bruises, blemishes instantly disappear with aloe vera, it’s the best thing for the skin.

I was quite surprised to read her list, drugstore brands like Nivea & Revlon to Chanel, and I also liked her honesty. She has really shared what she uses with shade numbers, unlike some actresses who give general gyaan. She's grounded & open. I like :-)


  1. I think she is beautiful and now she seems so much more down to earth :). But that L'oreal hair spa thing made my hair fall out, never gonna try that again!

  2. I like too! :) really such accurate info everything she shared! Kareena Kapoor wont say which MAC lipstick she uses!:P

  3. Oooh....i want to check out this nglot 401 coral lipstick NOW !

  4. I'm really impressed! Firstly she actually uses products that so many people can afford. And secondly, like Ik said, she has no qualms mentioning exactly what she uses. I love that! There are way too many actresses who keep everything a secret.

  5. she uses revlon...a welcome change from lacome,chael,YSL and EL....:)

  6. Hi Tanveer, please check my blog tomorrow as I have nominated your blog for a sunshine award :)


  7. I'll try out just fresh aloe vera from her tip..I have aloe plant on the kitchen window grille but thinkin of slicing & scooping out the icky goo inside puts me off! >:P But I'll try, have heard alot about its curative props :-S

  8. even Dia Mirza has shared all the tips with shade numbers and all in Vogue

  9. I like the fact that she shared the details of the shade no.s etc. Like everyone else, I'm curious to check out the Inglot 401 lippie too.

  10. i do see her with her coral lips most of the time.:P

  11. absolutely love Sonakshi's pretty eyes & her grounded approach to life.She has a degree in fashion & had worked as an intern with designers in Lakme fashion week before so I feel she might have better understanding of what makeup her MUA actually uses on her...but quite a refreshing change to see a Bollywood celeb using drugstore brands & being candid enough to admit it..

  12. Ik- sorry if I sound catty but you can hardly blame Bebo,the poor girl would probably not know her M.A.C. from Big Mac.. after all she sports sony vaios as a clutch.. (sorry I just couldn't resist it, my heartfelt apologies to any Bebo lovers out there)

  13. She seems like such a natural girl next door. Her choices are a mix of cheap and high end. Also, Tanveer, I have a request. Can you please remove my blog from your blog list because it is not updating the posts. And if you want, you can add it again :P Also please unfollow my blog and follow (if you still want to :P I request this to everyone. A lot of people are not getting updates since I made the change from blogger to wp.

  14. wow... not many actressses would do this... kudos to this one...

  15. This is awesome Tanz :D i soooo love her coral lips and now its time to find the color in inglot ... :D :D

  16. Her interview is so down to earth, every girl can easily relate to her :)
    liked the article .. :*

  17. she sounds a normal person wit no airs:) and so sweet of her to share her shades :D nt many do tat na :|


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