Colorbar outlet opens in Mumbai

Finally Mumbai has it's own Colorbar outlet!!

I was at Infinity - II (the malad one - next to D'mart) yesterday. Imagine my surprise - there is a colorbar outlet on the 1st floor right next to the Westside store! I hope now we'll have access to all the lastest CB stuff also - no more stockouts :-)

While there I also found the following stores:

1. Inglot (finally, I didn't want to go to that cheating store at G7 mall - but I did wanna try out more of their stuff. Finally there is a option)

2. Accesorrize: Another store, they have been sprouting all over the city like Mushrooms

3. Tip & Toe: nail art salon that retails OPI

4. The Nature's Co: Opening Soon - right next to the Tip & Toe store on the ground floor

5. The Body Shop: is there as well

6. Faces outlet: Yet to open

The colorbar outlet was so crowded that there was no place to enter. I somehow managed to & decided to pick up some stuff, only to be told by the very flustered SA that she'll take 15 minutes to ring up my order. I don't blame her, there were so many girls asking her so many questions. I decided to come back after 30 minutes, and later forgot to go get the stuff itself. Inglot conversly was deserted, but I think it might be just a matter of time.

Have you gals been to Infinity - II? Any other beauty stores that I have missed?


  1. oh yes i have checkd that outlet too!
    i liked the SA there.
    you know what Tanveer, one of these days we are so going to bump into each other in one of these shops. :)

  2. ooh..... and i forgot to tell you, zara is going to open there soon!!

  3. what happ at the G7 inglot?

  4. hey tanveer!
    i have bad blemiishes, marks, lil acne too!
    so can you tell me which concealer to go for:
    mac studio fix or nyx one that u have reviewed!
    i am from mumbai too.(in powai)
    can u tell me wich mac store is in which branch shud i go to? andheri one?
    ne other suggestions to cover up spots n have a flawless skin!

  5. aorry i meant mac studio finish concealer! is it still available! i have never invested in mac or ne costly brand ! so i need ur help!

  6. or i shud buy studio fix powder plus foundation?

  7. I'm totally J! I've been looking for colorbar for ages, but the only store that stocks it has only old products & poor selection.

  8. colorbar at infinit is my new adda these days, love the SA there(unlike MAC) and i love their range...thanx a million for informaing abt the faces outlet, wonder how i missed seeing it my shopoping gets more juicier....

  9. Og btw Ginger, do u by any chance stay in malad?...thought saw someone like u....

  10. OOOOOooooooooooo WOWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!
    This is so great!!!
    Thanks for the info :))

  11. still waiting for the news here:(

  12. ♥ Colorbar & Accessorize!! I'm sorry but I'm one of those people that thinks Nature's Co. is unreasonably overpriced. I know some people ♥ it, but that's just what I think.

  13. Awesome news Tanveer!! I used to be soo grumpy reading reviews in blogs that raved abt how ooh and aah colorbar stuffs were! now even i'll rave ^.^


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