Fiama Di Wills Aqua Pulse Shower Gel and Bathing Bar for Men

I know this is mostly a "Girls - Only" blog. But in case there are any men reading it as well or women looking for gift ideas, Fiama Di Willis has a new line for men. 

The Fiama Di Wills Aqua Pulse range of Shower Gel and Bathing Bar is enriched with extracts of Blue Lotus and Sea Minerals to form a part of the unique Active Defense Complex that protects the skin against microbes.  The Shower Gel with suspended sparkling beads gives an invigorating freshness with every shower. The invigorating fragrance of the Fiama Di Wills men’s range provides a rejuvenating bathing experience.

Price of the Aqua Pulse Bathing Bar is Rs 35 for 130 gms.
Price of shower gel- Rs 120

The Fiama Di Wills Aqua Pulse range has been launched in select metros and will soon be extended to other cities in India.

The Fiama Di Wills Aqua Pulse Shower Gel has been bestowed with the honour of Product of the Year, 2011 in the shower gel category of the awards. The product won the coveted recognition for its innovative suspended sparkling beads in the shower gel. The Product of the Year is awarded on the basis of an independent consumer survey by AC Nielsen with over 30,000 Indian consumers participating in the same.  

Err, if the product has just been launched; that too in select cities, how has it already won a Product of the Year award in an survey of 30,000 + consumers?? Maybe I am missing something. ITC/FDW - please clarify. 


  1. I have seen this in the stores for more than 1 year...The bottle looked so cool that I wanted to try but sad its for MEN!! :( :P

  2. Seems to be nice...although the award thing is a little dicey!!


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