Iraya Vanilla & Whole Milk Lip Balm - Review

It claims: Creamy whole milk with nourishing essential oils provides moisture boost and nourishment to lips. For chapped lips 
For external use only; test for allergy; 100% vegetarian; never tested on animals

Price: Rs. 145 for a 20 gm tub

Ingredients: Whole Milk, Jojoba Oil, Castor Oil, beeswax, Wheatgerm oil, Vegetable oil, Hazelnut & Vanilla Essential oils.

Available: I got it from their store at G7 mall, versova.

What I loved:

1. The smell! It smells so deliciously of vanilla. I took one whiff at the store & I was sold. I didn't even checkout the others. It is by far the yummiest smelling lip balm I have ever used.

2. It works very well. It leaves the lips very soft & even restores a natural pinkness to them over time.

3. No white layer. Some lip balms that are clear tend to leave behind a whitish waxy layer on the lips. Not this one.

4. It is priced well

5. No petroleum jelly or mineral oil. Natural beeswax as base. Plus it has some really good stuff like whole milk, jojoba oil, castor oil, wheatgerm oil et al.

6. It travels well. I have been travelling extensively with this in my bag over the last few weeks within Mumbai  as well as outside by trains & cars - it holds up pretty well. Neither did the bottle ever break nor did the lip balm melt.

What could be better: 

1. The packaging. While the quaint glass bottle is heavy & cute, it has a narrow mouth plus the lip balm it self is of a stiffer consistency (it takes a few seconds to melt). This means if you are using fingers to take it out - you'll have to rub the balm for a while for it to melt. Plus then it goes all over, under your nails & all. I have had a disaster with my previous lip balm in tub (read here) so I keep getting worried about this one as well.

2. Non - tinted. Maybe a few drops of beet juice, Iraya? Would make a lovely blush tint :)

Would I re-purchase: Absolutely Yes! I'm gonna buy one immediately for hubby who too has gotten addicted to the way it smells & how wonderfully it works. He keeps taking away my jar to keep in his office :-P


  1. Sounds good...I want!!!!!!

    Maybe I will get when I'm in mumbai.

    Dont think they have stores anywhere else na?

    I tried Natures Co Pineapple...just ok ish and sometimes the pineapple smell is so over sweet :-(

  2. Hey GGG! They have a store in Delhi as well. Plus they also have tie-ups with a lot of salons & you can purchase these there as well. Check it out here:

    Pineapple, Hmmm, I guess these things can get a lil overwhelming at times. I just *adore* vanilla & can't get enough of it - hence my obsession with this balm :P. I'm not sure how someone who is not as crazy about vanilla wld like this :)

  3. lol@ your hubby taking it to his office. Ok I guess its that good! :P

  4. Oh great purchase I'm so glad you loved this one! Even I've been carting my Iraya lip balm everywhere its yum!

  5. I'm almost drooling! I've wanted to check out this brand since I read about it on IBC but it's only available in Chennai at major 5star hotels & I'd feel really awkward to go there just for these :P

  6. All your Iraya goodies are making me drool!

  7. sounds good will give it a try

  8. I quite like Iraya stuff..
    was soo nice meeting u tode..u r so cute n bubbly..not what I expected :p but u r very sweet :)

  9. i so wish to try it as i am vanilla fragrance addict :)

  10. Such a cute packaging! Sounds delicious too...reminds me of Milkmaid :D


  11. wish they had a store in chennai, would be awesome..


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