Lakme Absolute Makeup Launch at LIFW


As some of you know I was at Lakme India Fashion Week last Sunday for the launch of Lakme's new range of Absolute Makeup. It took me a while to get to this post as I was travelling this week.

I don't have a lot of pics from the event as I forgot my camera at home, but I have a few pics I took with my cell phone.

So here is what I gathered about the new launch from the Lakme MD & their Brand Manager

The glosses
1. It'll hit the stores around 1 to 2 months from now.

2. The price range for this is around 450 to 750 Rs. approx

3. They have a ton, & I really mean a ton of colors in the lip range. They have the long lasting creme & matt lipsticks, the liplast shades (in both matt & shimmery shades) as well as the plump & shine glosses. The browns are much lesser this time, and they have a lot more of pinks, berries & peaches.

4. They may launch a concealer as well with this range.

5. They are launching baked blushes in about 4 shades, plus a bronzer & a highlighter as well.

6. They have baked eyeshadow duos in 3 colors. They seemed a bit chalky to me, but then the light there was awful, so I will give these another chance.

7. Everything is pacakaged in this metallic silver look, which I guess is to give it a professional look. I dunno, I didn't like it much tbh. I would have rather this be black with red or even fuchsia pink accents & lines or else with a tweed design.
The liplast - love the huge range, matt & shimmery! so many colors :)

They had a MUA over there offering makeovers, not that she was bad or anything, but I wanted to play a bit with the products myself. I tried the following products

These are some of my first impressions about the range, (mind you - these are after a single use, they might change later)

1. The mascara Flutter Secrets Dramatic Eyes is quite nice, it darkens lashes & gives them some length & volume but nothing OTT. It dries quickly & seems to be water & smudge proof.

2. The Absolute Eye Chromatic Baked Eye shadow in brown - bronze is really nice. I used the bronzey darker shade to define my crease as well as smudged it a bit under my lower lash line. It went on quite smoothly and blended quite well. Staying power was okayish. It faded a bit over time. 
The lipsticks

3. I next tried the long lasting matt lipsticks, in a pinky - brown shade. It was intensely pigmented & went on very smoothly, but after a while it seemed to dry out a bit & my lips felt weird & dry. I wiped it off then & tried a fuchsia pink shimmery lip last (this is a liquid lipstick - you apply it with a brush), and I fell in love with it. It went on smoothly, didn't feel dry even after 3-4 hours, it shone & shimmered like a gloss but lasted like a lipstick. Post dinner I had a pink tint. But I did apply a bit of lip balm before I used the lip last. Just FYI. 

4. I even tried a bit of the Mattreal Skin Natural Mousse, but on my arm. I didn't wanna take off my base to try it. It seemed to go on smoothly on my arm, but it felt a bit dry & silicony - too slippery. But it may not feel like that on the face, so I'll reserve my judgement. 

The baked blushes
Kareena was there for the launch and she was looking amazing, I was stunned when I saw her. Her makeup was great & I loved her dress. Luckily I got the chance to interact with her during the Q&A round. By then I had been staring at her for a good 15 minutes & had started to act like a dumb stuck fan :-P

When my chance arrived, I first complimented her on her impeccable makeup in movies & otherwise. I then asked her "Which is the makeup product you love the most, and the item/product you hate the most & why?". 

She answered: "Kohl liner is my favorite makeup product, as for least favorite.. Hmm, I use all makeup items everyday as my profession demands it, plus I am a girl & I love all makeup products by default, so I can't really hate anything!".. I thought it was diplomatic, but oh well. :-P

The bronzer & highlighter
I had a really fun time there, I loved trying out the products & I must thank my very dear friend Speaking Chic. She is a fashion blogger and was a part of the media covering LFW. She was nice enough to take me around & show me all the hot stops - the model's green room, the designer stalls, plus the hottest gossip of LFW also!! She also introduced me to Cory Wallia who the the MUA with Lakme. I found him very humble & down to earth. 

I hope you enjoyed reading this, as I did have a great time at Lakme Fashion Week. Now I excited await the release of this collection :-)

Btw, what is your favorite makeup product? And the one you hate the most & why?

My favorite makeup product is the eyeliner. If nothing else, I always have eyeliner on my face. Maybe it's because that was my first ever makeup item. I purchased it when I was 21, it was a Lakme twist up bronze eyeliner. 

The one I hate the most has got to be bronzer. I can hardly ever find one that doesn't make my face look muddy & like I need a wash. Even if the color is a little cool toned like a plum brown, I have to be careful to apply the tiniest amount (I think two molecules is my limit) or else I look like a toast. 

Don't be all diplo like KK, tell me.. what d'ya love & hate?


  1. I saw the products in other blogs. looks promising.

    The product I love is Lipstick. I dont know I think with the right color it can brighten up your face.

    Let me tell you I am not that of a makeup person.
    but the product I hate would defnitely be the bronzer. I feel it looks too muddy in my opinion for Indian skin tones. (I actually do not know how to apply it either)

  2. She had used the mascara on me..I quiet liked it too..and even the plump and shine gloss..
    my fav product would be kohl too..wakes up my eyes..and not hate..but the one I use less is liquid most of the times I prefer pencil ones..

  3. The product I love as a makeup artist is "mascara" as it can do wonders and as a person is "tinted moisturizer"...who said that it is makeup, its skin care with properties of makeup.

    I hate the most is garish shimmery lip colors and dark brown tones in lipsticks with purplish undertones as they make any beautiful woman look like a drag!!LOL

  4. i am so looking forward to the liproducts and blushes!!!! i had been hoping that the price range would be lesser this time... but what to do?! :( :( :( :(

    the product i love the most is liquid liner...I use it EVERYDAY to school since i have 12 and if i go without it...everyone asks me whether i cried or if i am feeling sick... :P :P

    the product i hate is highlighter/shape and sculpt duo...i am yet to find something that actually has the correct amount of shimmer...correct color and doesn't make u look like you are frm the bad 80s...!!!

  5. thanks for sharing Tanz :D was looking for your take on this as you notice everything so closely , like a PRO ... seriously :D

    I liked liplast from this range .... looking good to me
    bronzers absolutely no no for me :D

    thanks again Tanz

  6. I am really looking forward to this collection. But I don't know how much I'll be able to afford if it's 450+ But the lip products & bronzers look gorgeous.

    My fave product is lipstick. 1st thing I ever used & I have a ton of them.

  7. I haven't tried anything, but the blushes look so tempting. But the price... (*sigh)

  8. I am looking forward for their lip products collection..thanks for sharing Tanveer :)

  9. @Tanveer- Thanks so much for the mention. :-)

    So far, Lakme Absolute seems okay, though I'm a bit bored with their shimmer in almost every product/ shade, and you can't wear that to office, right?

    Fave prod: lip gloss, mascara. Least fave: primer (I still think it's a beauty company scam!)

  10. my favourite product will have to be a lipstick . my least favourite would be chunky shimmery stuff. more glitter actually.

    i realised the looking unclean after applying bronzer feel, and this though i am wheatish and yellow toned (we are supposed to look gorge with bronzer.but not always.) i apply a peachy pink blush and dust it off with some matte bronzer. i love jordana's classic bronze , which is a non shimmery bronzer with crazy pigmentation.

  11. i so was waiting for this post and i guess i am the last one commenting on it :(

    Lakme collection looks promising but all products above 500 is little painful to know..i guess we all will be paying the cost of hiring kareena :D:d

    i am waiting for their baked eyeshadow and these lip glosses looks amazing...

    Tanz u did ask her a tricky question but she is really smart :D

    my favorite product is kohl and mascara..i end up buying many many kohls all the time.

    worst product ..shimmery lipsticks ..they make me look so old ..infact i never bought one after trying them once or twice.

  12. I'm jealous you got to meet KK, she is my favorite actress. And awesome coverage on your part, next time don't forget the camera :D

  13. wow! u talked to kareena yaaaaaayyyy :D. cool post and nice to know that lakme is coming out with such awesome products.

    I love kajal the most and the one product that I hate would be foundation coz I have really oily skin and I always hate the fact that I have to literally mop my face every 1 hour to get the excess oil out if I am wearing foundation lol.

  14. Ooh sounds like you had an awesome time T. Don't worry, your mobile pics look fine. I can't wait to see this collection!

    My favorite makeup product is also eyeliner coz without it I just look sick. I hate frosty lipsticks


  15. Hiii,

    Thanks a lot for posting these pics- in fact i havn't see them yet at any other blog!

    I was really waiting to check these out - the lip last and lip glosses look interesting.

    About makeup- i love using coloured eyeliners a lot. I can glam up even my rushy days just with a swipe of these... and i can wear them to work too!

    I hate (Like cynthia!) frosty lipsticks too... no matter which colour - it never flatters my lips or my complexion!


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