Revlon Colorburst Lipgloss - Swatches & Preview

Here are the swatches. I bought 2 shades (they have total of 15 - some of the most unique & gorgeous shades I have seen in a long, long time).

Peony: When I first saw the tube for this, my mind started to scream "NARS Orgasm". It is the sheerest lip gloss in the lot (the other very sheer one is a pale gold dust) - this is a peach pink shade with golden shimmer. Perfect to go with my Orgasm dupe Bourjois Lilas D'or. This is a warm shade.

Aubergine: I was very confused between Strawberry, Bordeaux & Aubergine. Finally I decided to go with this one as it looked like an interesting cool toned berry.

I also particularly like Rosegold, in addition to Strawberry.

The quantity is 5.9 ml


L to R: Aubergine & Peony

Review should be up in 2-3 weeks. 


  1. Peony looks like a total my kinda shade!! Want want!! I am looking forward to the review.I have Heard its good,but i want one more word for it.I will decide whether or not to splurge on this after your review!! :) :) :)

  2. Superb.......

    Loved the Peony..and I wanna try all of them..Im sure I will get a shade..Sadly, I never got one in the CB lippies :-(

    Btw, Happy Friendship Day Tanveer :-))

  3. Peony luks gorgeous :D Waiting for the review :)

  4. Peony!!!!! But I know soft aubergine would suit more people!

  5. Aubergine!! Please review these soon. I love the lipstick range and really looking forward to trying the glosses too!

  6. peony is pretty bt I wud have liked if it was more opaque..aubergine is nice too..der was a pretty coral shade I saw on many dat launched in India ?

  7. All shades pretty!! Waitin for the review :)

  8. Both shades are gorgeous T!


  9. Review shd be up in about 2 weeks! :D

    @Bhumika: You gotta tell me the name, I can't tell which gloss yr talking about just from the "corally" description :P

  10. Peony really does look like it's the sheerest of sheer coat of aubergine! Loved both!

  11. Oh wow I'm super impressed that Revlon priced these at only Rs 475/- I bought Bordeaux last month from Ebay and paid about the same amount (including shipping from USA) and when I was posting reviews of Colorbust lipgloss,I was wondering when will Revlon launch these in India..great to see them finally hit the Indian shores... Peony looks really gorgeous I'll definitely be buying it.


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