Revlon Luxurious Color Smoky Crayon in Bronze Smoke - Review

It claims: Smoky liner & eye shadow. Get a smoky eye effect with creamy rich color.

  • For smoky effect, fill in lid with crayon & blend
  • For a more defined look, sharpen tip with pull out sharpener. 
Price: Rs. 525 for 1 gm. 

Shades available: Only 2 in India: Bronze Smoke & Black Smoke

Available: At most Revlon counters. I recently bought the Black Smoke one from Urban Touch. They were pretty prompt & I got my parcel within a day of my order :-)

What I liked: 

1. It is a gorgeous color, perfect for office. It'll look good on almost all eye colors & skin tones. The shimmer lifts it from being a plain boring brown, but it is subtle enough for office. It doesn't have any chunky glitter. 

2. Unlike a lot of fat pencils from other brands - this one does not smudge or spread all over. 

3. This is a very good dupe for MAC Teddy. I had that pencil until recently. Not only is this a very close color match, it also last longer on my waterline comparatively (5-6 hours), and is half the price. 

4. It is very easy to blend this - it blends easily with a brush. 

5. It goes on really well on both my upper & lower lash line as well as my waterline. 

6. It has a built in sharpener, that is easy to use. 

What could be better: 

1.  The exposed tip tends to dry out over a while, so now I need to apply a bit more pressure and go over my line 2-3 times for the same intensity that it delivered initially. 

2. It is LE 

3. One cannot make thin lines with this - for obvious reasons. 

4. More colors please Revlon - give us Steel Smoke, and how about a Deep Amethyst Purple Smoke, Emerald Green Smoke, Khaki Gold Smoke.. You get the drift, yeh dil maange more!

Recommended: Yes! I already have a backup as it is LE. You're not gonna like this if you like thin, precise lines from your liner. But if you are into smoky, smudgy makeup - this is your one stop pencil. 


  1. aha! This looks like a steal. I have to get one of these looks like

  2. I am getting this!!! Thank for this Tanveer! Haven't been going out much.. so had no clue!:S:(

  3. This sounds good. I hope its better than covergirl's eyeshadow blast. Same idea.

  4. Lovely color! I love shadow easy to use :)

  5. i love it but u r so lucky it shows on your lower lashline too . must be looking fab .

  6. i have such panda eyes....wont show on my skin...could you please do a swatch o the black one tanveer?

  7. @Shivani: I will in a few days, I just got it on Sunday & haven't yet even unpacked it :)

    @Anks: I love this to bits yaar - so amazing :)

    @PB: lots of brands have such prdts - MAC also.. I have a similar prdt from Jordana in fact, but it is a lot creamier :D

  8. looks nice but I'm afraid that it won't show on my eyes...:)

  9. wow! this looks amazing! dont know whether its available in tvm yet :(

  10. LE!!! I didnt know this was LE :(

  11. I love brown eyepencils so much both as eyeliner and on waterline.....this is a must buy...

  12. Avon has a nice eye pencil called Glimmersticks Liqui-Glide. It provides the look & feel of a liquid eyeliner but is in the form of a twist up pencil!

  13. Hi Tanveer,

    This is one of the products from Revlon that I am eyeing for. It just looks so sultry and is a quick step for smoky eyes..

  14. I love that shade! It looks like a Mac Shadestick :)


  15. Oh seems really cool...
    nice review :))


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