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ATB Beauty Notes: Cleaning the Eyelids

I'm currently reading a book on Cosmetology. While it is not as interesting as a novel, I am still enjoying reading it as it explains in very simple language the chemistry behind skin care products. Every product - Toner, Face wash etc has a separate chapter to explain the need, ingredients used & why, and a whole lot of tips on how to use them. It also has separate chapters on different skin care areas like eyes, lips, elbows etc.
I'll keep posting small tid-bits from it from time to time.

The eyelid skin is the most common body site afflicted with allergic reactions either due to makeup or skincare used. Some of this predisposition is due to the thinness of the eyelid skin. Tears wet the eyelid skin and enhance irritant and allergen penetration.

Cleansing of the eyelid tissue is a delicate task. Typically, the skin should be handled very gently, due to its thin nature, and cleansing should remove excess sebum while preserving the intercellular lipids.

The typical cleanser used in the eye area by dermatologists is baby shampoo. This non-stinging shampoo formula allows cleansing of the eyelashes, while minimizing further eyelid irritation.
Typically, the cleanser is applied with the fingertips since the fingers can easily sense if too much pressure or force is being used to clean the thin eyelid tissue.

Most of the diseases of the eyelid and the eye itself are related to poor eye area hygiene. So the next time you need to take off heavy eye makeup after a party, first cleanse and dissolve the layers & mascara in an oily remover - like coconout oil & follow up with a baby shampoo to remove all remaining residue of oil & makeup.

Then apply a suitable eye cream before hitting the sack.


  1. Nice tip. I've been using a lot of eye makeup & I'm really worried about eye infections & other problems. You'd mentioned earlier that you use a cream to remove your makeup. But doesn't it cause milia around the eye area?

    BTW, which book is this?

  2. I've always faced issues with eyelids, some or the other kind of allergies or dry patches or something else...I'm glad that you chose to write about it..Though I do remove my makeup in exactly the same way as you have described, that is first diluting with a moisturizer or cold cream, and then washing with a mild cleanser, but never tried a baby shampoo...which i would definitely try now..Thanks for the tip !!

  3. Tanz, that exactly how i remove my eye make-up..sans the baby shampoo..i use my face wash after taking it off with Almond oil.


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