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Gangraped UP girl raped by SHO again: 15 year old girl from a poor family gets abducted by two youth. They repeatedly abuse her for hours. Upon escape, she & her father go to the police to complain. The very policeman who is supposed to protect her, sends her father away on a pretext & abuses the girl. The girl & her father then file a complaint in another police station against the policeman. The day she was supposed to testify in court, she goes "missing" from the police station itself. 

Four 12 year old boys gang-rape 8-year-old in Punjab village

Security guard rapes 8-year-old , arrested

These have been the headlines in TOI over the last few weeks. 

It saddens me to see how women are increasing being treated in India. Used and disposed like they are nothing more important that tissue papers. There to satisfy a need, and then thrown away. No regard for our minds, our bodies, our souls, our feelings, our aspirations, our lives. Treated like property, and probably most women in hinterland India occupy a social status lower than cattle. In our country a rape is reported every 30 minutes. And this is "reported", who knows how many go unreported. This is a country which will soon be gearing up to celebrate some of its biggest festivals - dedicated to Goddesses.

“Violence against women is a manifestation of historically unequal power relations between men and women, which have led to domination over and discrimination against women by men and to the prevention of the full advancement of women, and that violence against women is one of the crucial social mechanisms by which women are forced into a subordinate position compared with men….” (-The United Nations Declaration on the Elimination of Violence against Women, General Assemble Resolution, December, 1993.)

I don't know what the solution is to this. I know for one, that a lot of men have been acting like dogs on heat since the last many years & I don't see it changing, I don't have much faith or hope in these men's ability to evolve into anything better. You could say I have given up on these beasts. I also don't think the law & order situation in India is going to change a lot. 

But I hope that in time to come, women will begin to assert their rights. Just because we are stronger, doesn't mean we have to live with the abuse. I think it is time to stop being the submissive, gentle one. Stop playing the victim. Reclaim your rights. 

I hope that the media will begin to highlight such cases & hound the officials to act & punish the guilty. 

I hope that the law is amended, and the punishment is more severe than the current 7 yrs behind bars. I would advocate a far more, eye for an eye rule. I believe in Karma, what you give is what you get return. 

I hope that the world our daughters come into is a safer and more beautiful world. Where there is no fear, where they can dress as they please and have equal rights & opportunities with men. Where their mind is not occupied with how to deal with unwanted & inappropriate attention. 


  1. This is sick and in-human. I just wish Those girls become stronger and may god help them forget what they have been through.. it sounds unreal though.
    And I just wish Law could come up with the most strict sentence ever so they learn a lesson forever...

  2. This is indeed a dismal situation Tanveer which haunts every Indian woman. However our culture declares to treat women with respect and everything, the truth is very far from this and the ugly face comes out every now and then. I swear every Indian woman at some point of time or other has gone through a situation which might not be violent as a rape, but strong enough to carry a scar inside her mind

  3. a very well written article tanveer... It is sickening to see women's plight even today especially in the interiors of our country :(

  4. I believ 'ts wrong wen a gal touched witout her consent & being raped, cant evn thnk abt 't..i see news lyk tis evry singl day n newspaper & magz..nw d worst thng is evn dey dnt spare d children..also d police r one f root cause f tis bcoz d culprits r nt worried abt d laws since evrythng mattr 2 police & higher officials s money.one f d NGO nearby place waz broken down wen dey voiced fr an abused gal..
    I ve had enuf wen i was new 2 chennai,i'm evn ashamed 2 say tis,nwdays i never go alone anywhere..i waz one of thos stereotypic rebel wen i came here first bt thn reality slapped me hard.laws need 2 b more severe until tht v shld be n our guard..
    wel written post dear..

  5. So true Tanveer. I really hate this country of ours for the same attitude. On one side, a woman is a goddess and on the other, she is abused and assaulted whenever/wherever possible.

    The case where a girl is abused physically is one thing...What about the mental abuse she undergoes..the way men glare at you, strip you mentally, with provocative gestures on the road/in buses/trains/flight. arrrggghhh.

    A mere jail sentence is definitely not enough for such crimes..I feel it should be more or perhaps as barbaric as the crime..Say chopping of their ***** or maybe the hands/legs.

    In the case of freedom to wear what you want, I feel cities like Mum/Del are much better. It is so bad down south...even while you are covered totally in loose clothes, there are these pervs who do a rape visually..Yes..which is very much the reason I don't like going to places like Kerala.

    Sorry for such a long comment Tanvi...but I just couldn't help it.

  6. I wonder if things will change in the long run. I so wish and eye for an eye could be implemented. Anybody wondering our President is a woman , head of ruling party is a woman never , CM of 2 more states are women. Can they not think of a single law for this ?
    May be after they begin to live in Z7 securities they forget the pain of being a woman completely.

  7. This is just terribly sad..and disheartens me everytime i read about this in our newspapers. Why cant a woman be viewed with diginity and someone who has self-respect!!! Just boils my blood!!

  8. I feel sick to the core evrytime I read such news!! and it alarms me more bcoz i have a carefree, beautiful,happy and ever-smiling daughter who is three n half right now and that i will have to bring up with lots of apprehensions n fear at back of my mind.Its impossible to change the mentality for most of them out there.We can only educate our sons and daughters.

  9. it is just so sad to see as to what the world is coming to....its absolutely despicable when officials start acting like monsters and this inturn automatically takes away the faith that one has in the judicial system.Ppl especially women stop taking a stand for themselves fearing the ridicule and the questions that she is going to face when the matter becomes public. These kind of things should be treated with an iron fist and the culprits should suffer and not the victims.

  10. oh god, don't even get me started. I'm so glad I grew up in Canada. Living in India means NO freedom. The moment you step out, you are enslaved by creepy perverted men.

    Again, that can't be compared by the plight of a rape victim. Seriously no humanity left in this world.

  11. Really good one, which apt for the situations. women must unite and fight against for the same. in India we have seen people gathering to fight against corruption, cutting down of trees, Against power cuts etc... y dont people under stand that abusing a women particularly a girl child is such a crime and they have to raise voice for the same.

  12. Tanz living in a city like Delhi which is India's capital I always felt insecured while traveling during my colege days.Walking alone on a road made me look back and check after every 5-10 minutes thinking some body might touch or do anything..I though this was every where but since the time I move to Hyderabad I relaised that it was in Delhi where its the maximum.

    Where girls parents are always worried and we can not walk alone after 7pm.I feel so relaxed and at peace now here.

    cases like these are inhumane and i believe in country like ours only punishment we should give these people is death sentence ..because ultimately a girl dies from inside when she go thru this.

  13. News reports like that make me feel nauseated. I used to watch a lot of news in the past, but reports like these made me stop watching. It's just too painful to think of. It makes my blood boil when I think of the dismal conviction rates for rape. The number of cases reported in itself is tiny (as compared to the estimated cases occurring). But the conviction rates, along with the despicable treatment of women during the trial, is sure to make rape survivors hesitate before reporting.

    Apparently it's common for defense lawyers to question the 'moral' lifestyle & credibility of the victims. Also common seems to be the proposal of marriage the rapists make to the victims in a bid to get rid of the case.

    I was on an online forum once and a teenage girl (not an Indian)had written about a time when someone attempted to rape her. He did not succeed, but she said that she remembered that incident every single day. How is 7 years of imprisonment enough, when the woman's life had been scarred forever?

    I have to say that every time I step out of my house, I feel a little scared. Every single time. Rape is a despicable crime which is unfortunately under-prosecuted by the people who are tasked with protecting us.

  14. I live in delhi.... and we are four sisters!

    I can totally understand ur sentiments...

    I absolutely think 7 years punishment is a joke... considering that it will be the girl who will be made to feel guilty every day afterwards!

    I think rape is not just a phenomenon of uncotrolled lust... its the manifestation of a sickened male ego - wanting to destroy and control women.... or take revenge.... or any other ludicrous reason....

    I am ashamed that My President and Delhi CM are women... STILL all this keeps happening!

    may god help us!

  15. Awesome write up Tanz and very touching , all of us might have gone through some or the other incidence like this in life and with every passing breath I wish .... GOD make us bold enough to face the world and dont wait for the justice but do it right away ...

    I agree with your each and every words and especially this ....
    "I believe in Karma, what you give is what you get return. "
    this applies to every act I/we do knowingly or unknowingly and I know God is there and watching us and def. do the justice ... if not now somewhere down the line
    again it applies to every act , we do knowingly or unknowingly ....

  16. nice article tan veer Ma'am ... Just came across your blog recently - Hope your doing well ... was your student in mithbai when you use to teach microbiology practicals to us... hehehe ... this is riddhi ... I was in shaishav wadia's batch ... hehehehe. . . .

  17. This is a really important issue in our society...n I think its great that u decided to take this up on ur blog...
    Our country idolizes Goddesses..but look at the treatment they mete out to women in their home. Every female is simply an object- its like most Indian men do not know how to respect women at all, they don't look upon them as humans, but something to be used and thrown- more like personal slaves.
    this is one thing that I will never be proud of my "motherland".


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