L'Oreal BaseMagique Primer - Review

IndianMakeupWays is where I first read about this, I have never used a face primer before. It was intriguing. I wanted to know more about the primer that was garnering such rave reviews across the net. So I did what comes naturally to me, I went & bought it.

Buyer's Remorse? You are knocking up the wrong alley, baby. This is a wonder product.

It claims: Transform your bare skin texture:  The 1st smoothing primer that makes your lines and pores invisible for a visible and touchable smoothness.

Sensational Velvet Texture
A unique blend of  silicon oils and soft light powders create a sensational smoothing velvet formula to refine the skin.

  • Smooth wrinkles and fine lines
  • Perfectly hides pores
  • Skin imperfections are corrected.
  • The rosy shade brings out the translucency on bare skin tone.
Price: Rs. 800 for a 15ml jar

Ingredients: Cyclohexasiloxane, Dimethicone, Dimethicon/Vinyl Dimethicone  Crosspolymer, Silica, Acrylates Copolymer, Disodium Stearoyl Glutamate, Aluminum Hydroxide.

How to: Use primer alone or under foundation

1. Rub the velvet texture between your fingers to ease the spreading
2. Apply a thin layer over the face, especially focusing on areas with fine lines and visible pores. 

What I liked: 
1. Where do I start? I love this thing. It does every single thing it claims. It instantly gives me smaller pores, my skin looks smoother. The first time I used it, I was shocked at the transformation. I have a big problem with pores on my cheeks, but with this on, it's like they don';t exist at all. *Magic*

2. It looks pink in the pot - but it goes on clear. It'll suit all skin tones.

3. It seems like a small quantity, but honestly one needs so little of this to begin with, it is actually a good amount. This tub would last at least 5 to 6 months with daily use. 

4. It can be safely used around the eyes, it does not sting. 

5. Effect lasts all day, even in the evening my skin looks good - pores are just as small. The effect is slightly less impressive compared to morning, but it is still appreciably there. 

6. Although it is mostly silicone, it doesn' feel plasticy or silicony. My skin feels comfortable in this, it never feels dry or artificial to touch. It just feels smooth. The texture is air-whipped and kind of like a mousse, it feels very light & absolutely non-sticky on the face. Using heavy products (like sunscreen) makes me break into a sweat in Mumbai's humidity. This never resulted in that. It is absolutely light on the skin. 

7. It didn't break me out - no acne. 

8. Foundation goes on very smoothly on top. It blends easily and lasts a good 1-2 hours longer than it would do otherwise. 

What could be better: 

1. If you use this on damp skin, it starts to ball up. It also does that if you use too much. You very little of this, probably even lesser than half a pea. It also balls up if you rub it in too vigorously. Stick to the instructions given, just apply a thin layer. Don't try to rub it in too much or spread it around. Just lightly apply using not more than 2-3 finger strokes and then let it set for 5 minutes before moving on. 

2. It could be cheaper, but after seeing the effect it has on my skin. I'm willing to pay the price of 800 bucks.

3. Some may not like the jar packaging, but I don't see how a mousse textured cream could be packaged any differently. I prefer it this way, at least I can get to every last bit.  

Would I re-purchase: Oh Yea, Baby!

I always thought primers for the face were an urban myth - kind of like the emperor's clothes. Just some silicony paste fraud. Now I am convinced, it is not. 

If you have large pores like me, trust me, this is so worth it. 


  1. thanx for the review i need this product now.... ohh plz...
    it would be better if you can share some makeup looks without and with primer

  2. thanks for the review ,it is very informative..I don't have any favorites in face primers so I'll try this one out as it sounds good.Yeah, it will be nice to see with n without primer looks.Thanks again:)

  3. I use smash box primer unfortunately not available in India but is a wonder product no balling up no problems can use as little or as much you like, so don't think I will give loreal a try

  4. I too had seen this on her blog and thought of giving it a try ..i too have a large pores so shud try this..is silicon bad for oily skin?

  5. @Sahar: Thanks! I'll try :)

    @Giggle: Thanks!

    @Suchita: Good for you! :D

    @Parita: Silicon is not bad for oily skin, but some people's skin can react to it.. It is a chemical after all & has every potential to cause allergy. If you suspect you may be allergic, try out the tester first. You can try it out on one side of your face to see if it makes any difference to your pores, leave it on for day & purchase if it feels ok.

  6. Thank you tanveer for posting this review.
    this is really a wonderful product and I love it to the bits !!
    it makes my skin so smooth.
    and I really loe to apply just the primer and dab some compact (if needed) khol and a lippy ) am done !!!
    I wonder why other Indian brands dont come up with any primers!!!
    am sure nothing can beat this product !!!

  7. wow tanveer, u bought it........cool. I am happy that u love it too. Its my fav nowadays and I put it on my face even when I am not wearing any foundation......it really does its job of smoothing away the flaws! :)

  8. Yup i too read it on Anju's blog but then some body told me that the ingredients are not good ..but now its suiting u I will get it for myself..pakka !!!

  9. @Anks: This is mostly silicon based, so if you are allergic to that, this might not be a good prdt. I didn't have issues with this though.

    @IMW: Thanks to u girl, I had no idea this was available in the market, had it not been for your review! I love this primer & wear it everyday :D

    @Mitha: I Love this too!!! I wear it every single day.. I have heard Maybelline has an equally good primer but that has not been launched in India, as usual :(
    More companies shd make such basic prdts - they make such a huge difference to the performance & look of other makeup. These are absolute must-haves according to me.

  10. I don't have any pores or fine lines as such, is it still worth it for me?

  11. @SC: Umm, I don't think so.. It really is very good for pores actually, so maybe you can skip this :)

  12. L'oreal has been coming up with amazing things lately. But I do feel that they are on the "higher end" among the drug store brands. I wish it was a little more affordable for the mass consumer. I guess if they are revamping the quality, it makes sense.

  13. i was tempted to buy seeing it at Anju's blog, now am all the more interested...

  14. Hey Tanveer you have totally sold this one to me and even though 800 seems a bit high, will definitely check it out.

  15. Thanks for the review - was planning to buy it...

    now it seems 800 rupees are worth it...

    Is it good for oily-skinnies too??

    1. I think it works best for normal to combination skin. If your skin is oily then you may get a bit oily after few hours. You will need to add other mattifying products in your foundation.

  16. This sounds great, except for the balling up part. I experienced that with the Lotus Whiteglow products and dislike it so much! But I'm happy to hear that it's doesn't cause pimples in spite of the silicon.


    1. Yes, it least it didn't break me out.. I hate the balling up part too, but it is so awesome otherwise..

  17. nice review, thanks for sharing

  18. good review Tanz :D :D ... will def. try in store :D :D i hope it works for my oily skin

  19. hi tanveer..where can i buy this?please help me out

    1. Fahee, this is available at all L'oreal counters.

  20. Hi Tanveer..Dont you think this product is bit matte and clogges the pores...I tried it in Health and Glow and left it without buying it..What do you think is a good primer whether drugstore or anything..

    1. Hi Boho! I have oily skin so I actually like the little mattifying it does. From what I know almost all primers mattify the skin, as skin oil is one of the major reasons for foundation melting off. If a primer cannot control that it won't be able to make your makeup last longer. If you want a dewy look then skip the primer.

      I have never faced any pore clogging issues with it. In fact it helps conceal my enlarged pores to quite an extent.

      This is the only primer I have used and I quite love it, hence I haven't really tried any others, but you could try MAC, Inglot or MUFE for face primers. I hope this helps.

  21. Thank you Tanveer..You are so humble..!!


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