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No Makeup Places?

What's common between a Gym, Beach, Doctor's Clinic & Temples?
They're all the kind of places one generally does not wear makeup, either out of comfort or because it just seems out of place.

Now that the rains will soon be getting over, I have begun my evening walk routine again. Generally I go with a bare face. Back from office, I wash my face, apply a moisturiser & set out. Hair in a pony. No need for sunscreen, as there is very little sunlight at that time.

Yesterday I was feeling a little adventurous and also applied a bit of lipstick. Lakme Enrich 353 Strawberry Splash to be precise. It is a red shade. I tend to wear this to office as a tint sometimes on a Friday.

And I went for my walk.

To be honest, I felt pretty good about wearing it. I felt dressed up, yet at the same time - all I had on me was one single product - lipstick. Nothing else. No foundation, no eyemakeup & certainly no blush. Did I feel out of place? Not at all. The evening light is quite forgiving & Mumbai is one of those cities where people really don't give a damn.

I came back & googled a bit about about gym makeup - as expected lots of people advocated wearing nothing, and I totally agree with them. With the amount that one sweats, it would be stupid to expect any kind of base or eyemakeup to stay on, and besides I'm not sure it is very good to wear any kind of long lasting base all over your face - it might even clog your pores.

Some other sites said it was OK to wear some makeup, like a concealer for dark circles, and mascara. A bit of eyeliner was also thought to be OK, followed by a tinted lip balm.

I'd differ. I don't think one should be wearing mascara or any kind of base. But the lips - now that is one area I think one can experiment - be a swipe of a tinted lip balm or an actual lipstick. I think one can wear some lip product when exercising.

It won’t really clog your pores, it’ll make you feel a little made up & at the same time it’ll come off quickly – a single swipe of the tissue is enough to take care of it. Am I planning to wear a lipstick daily? Not really, just for those days when I feel a little in the mood for fun. I'm feeling my Fuchsia Pink lipstick is gonna be put to some good use soon :-)
As for the other No-Makeup places:

Beach: The humidity is so high at the beach, it makes my skin feel oily and sticky pretty quickly. Here again I tend to opt for some bright lipstick by itself.
Doctor’s Clinic: Generally I go barefaced. If I’m the one who’s ill my motivation to wear makeup is generally quite low, and if I am accompanying someone, I don’t want to feel, err, frivolous. It just seems weird to me to dress up while others are feelings miserable.

Temple: I tend to wear eyeliner here. Pencil eyeliner in Matt brown on the upper lash line with lip balm. No lipstick here.

My other big no makeup place is when I am going shopping for makeup / skincare itself. This is simply because I like to try products like foundation, concealer, eye shadows before purchase. I generally wear some eyeliner on upper lash line with some lip tint.

What are some of your no makeup places?


  1. a very interesting article..i generally don't wear makeup while visiting a doctor I feel that the doctor might think i don need any treatment and wont take my problem seriously :D:D lolz
    u know why i am talking like that today..

    i generally do wear some eyeliner , mascara and lippi while going for jogging or walk but don wear anything other than a moisturiser when i am playing some outdoor sports:)

    1. LOL! Anks, I hope you are feeling better now...

      I like wearing some tinted lip balm when going to the gym :)

  2. nice article I don't wear make up at the doctor's office, don't go to temples but would wear make up if I were to go
    I do wear a lip tint and water proof mascara at the beach and I wear tinted lip balm in the gym

    1. Good list - I guess most girls wld do the same.

  3. Hey nice & interesting article Tanveer :)
    I don't wear make-up to any of these places. I would want to wear some make-up to temples, but in Mumbai, temples are so crowded that I don't feel like wearing any make-up.

    1. Esp if you are going to Siddhi Vinayak :P

  4. I wore makeup once or twice during my pregnancy checkups... i was a definite pick me up when i was down! But I guess those kind of "happy" doc visits were not on your mind... :)

    I agree with most of your thoughts here. No makeup while exercising for sure... i'd only wear a balm...... you should see the ladies visiting temples here in delhi, specially during kirtans and poojas.. they are decked up!

    1. LOL! Oh no, they didn't cross my mind at all - "happy" visits :D.. I think it is perfectly fine to wear some makeup then :D

      Delhi women are quite dressy compared to Mumbai gals, so I guess they wld treat the Pooja as a social / girl gathering as well :)

  5. i know people who wear makeup to the gym. everyone, including me, laughs behind their backs.

    i don't wear makeup to the gym, dentist's (other doctors are fine) and the parlour. most of the time, the only makeup i wear is lipstick/gloss.

    thanks for the refreshing post. it kinda forced me to comment. so tired of routine posts happening all over the place!

    1. Thanks Rima! I am glad you liked the post :D

      yes, even I know some of those girls. Maybe the gym is the new meeting place for singles :P

  6. This was such a fun read Tanveer! Soo true too, n you motivated me to restart my evening walks..been feeling too lazy but il start atleast thrice a week or something Thanks!! :)

  7. Great article Tanveer and absolutely right save a lip balm I'd not really wear makeup to gym/doc/beach.
    I do apply full makeup when I intend makeup shopping as many times I've realized a plain Jane look gives an impression to the sales associates that I'm a makeup novice.Often ill-trained SA will try & judge what to sell to you basis what makeup you are wearing.Not always true with every store but unless you are buying foundation I'd say wear makeup to the stores

  8. hi Tanveer, Nice post. Yes,i too donot wear makeup all the time..its only need based!!!
    ofcourse to the Doctor's office....i dnt tend to wear it. tinted lipbalm is must for cheers me.

  9. The swimming pool!

    Also, when I go for walk/ jog/ doc, I apply lip balm or sheer gloss.

  10. you know what? Ever since I started to hoard on make-up, I realize I AVOID wearing make-up at all unless I'm testing something. How strange am I?


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